Blu Moon Fiction ?


Blu Moon Fiction is dedicated to the development and enjoyment of the fiction genre. Our mission is to help promote writer’s, artists and budding filmmakers. Our commitment to promoting literacy and the advancement and growth of the fiction genre is on-going. We offer community and networking opportunities for readers and writers of fiction. Our website features literary reviews, writer’s tips, editorial services as well as promotion and a platform to make your voice heard.

“What’s Your Story?”

Our slogan challenges artists to express themselves in an innovative way. We turn to fiction because it offers a realm of endless possibilities. Let this be the vehicle aiding us all in finding our truths, let this be an opportunity to define ourselves by our own standards instead of by the over-generalization of others.


8 thoughts on “Blu Moon Fiction ?

  1. Rashawn says:

    How long have u been writing?

  2. How long have been doing this ?

    • Noel Bleu says:

      I’ve been a fan of the fantasy genre my entire life and I’ve been writing for just as long. Blu Moon Fiction in its many forms has been a project of love for about six years now though.

  3. Ms. CreYaetiv says:

    What’s your advice to writers and readers who aren’t as familiar with fantasy writing but want to step into this creative process to create their own?

    • Noel Bleu says:

      For readers i’ d say grab as many types of books as you can until you find which subgenre is your favorite.

      For writers I’d say do the same, but also write the outlandish, the unrealistic and the fantastical. Do that everyday and you’ll be amazed what you come up with.

  4. MsGeeShepherd says:

    What made you want to get into fantasy, what made you fall in love with it?, What got you started as a child to fall in love with the fantasy realm and what captured your heart the most, the good or bad side of the fantasy realm?

    • Noel Bleu says:

      I’ve always been told I have an avid imagination. I find it easier to immerse myself in fiction than in an autobiography.
      The fantastical is far more interesting than everyday life.
      My live of reading as a child made me fall in love with fantasy and the world’s it created. I wasn’t the most sociable around children my age so I spent most of my time befriending characters in my books.
      I always like a good, “Good vs. Evil” kind of story. I prefer to thwart the bad guy as often as possible. A close second favorite in the anti-hero the bad guys with good intentions those are also good in any story

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