They crouched beneath the rocks hidden from the world by the trees and the shadows. The rain creating a veil closing them inside, for now they were safe. She would not be able to find them under the cover of the falling water, this would give them time to think and regroup.

Draping his arm around her Shane; shielded Willow from the harsh cold whirling around them. This cave had another opening, he locked this knowledge away momentarily hoping that when the time came this could be useful to them.

Willow sat silently in shock, not speaking a word or moving an inch. Her face frozen in fear of what she had just witnessed. In her hands were the remnants of power that scorched her flesh, but even as she stared at her palms the tell-tale signs began to vanish.

“I take it you never did that before?” Shane said trying to break the silence.

The distant drip of water was the only additional sound inside the cave. Willow didn’t budge. Her mind was racing, flooded with the thoughts of the past two days. The truth about her past, the reason she’d never been allowed to leave the Rosemonde School for Girls, what exactly the headmistress had been searching for all those years.

Finally blinking Willow lifted her head to see Shane peering at her from behind puzzled brown eyes. His confusion amused her and she immediately began laughing hysterically. Her laughter which only seemed to confuse him more also frightened Shane. Never before had he seen a woman so young command such a force as Willow had, he’d seen what power could do.

Willow giggled and smiled, flipping a few auburn strands behind her ear.

“I needed that laugh, “she said waving him over.

Shane slid closer to her the warmth of her body radiated around them and suddenly the drafty cave which offered them shelter heated up giving them both comfort.

Shane smiled, he knew that this girl, his oldest friend wouldn’t be changed by her gifts. They would find the lost artifact before Magdalena. They would finish his grandfather’s work and they would finally have peace.

Shane looked out past the cascade of water draping over the cave opening, the lake they had trampled through was still and quiet. The moon reflected brightly back at him. He pulled from his pockets the coins he’d grabbed earlier that day, and pouring them into Willows hand chuckled at how old they were.

“32” he chuckled.

Willow’s blank stare prompted him to continue. “Here are 4 pieces of 8, 32”he said waiting for Willow to respond.

Ignoring his explanation she merely rotated the pieces in her hand. They were old and worn but had obviously been hand etched. They were obviously valuable enough for the head mistress to want them.

“That’s funny,” she said at last handing all but one back to him. She ran her fingers over the smooth backing letting her flesh sink in to each dint and scratch left on the old medal coin. Her mind tracing its face, it had been rubbed so much that the image was now rounded and hard to place in the darkness. The backing of the coin was of a temple, though Willow was unsure of where, suddenly Shane stopped her.

He too had begun to rotate the coins, a past time he did often. Memorizing the images was a hobby he had since he was a small boy, yet, tonight something had changed. As he had been spinning the one coin on his palm, a trick his grandfather had shown him, he saw the image shift.

Willow looked into his eyes, and spun the coin she had in her hand. The palace which had once stood tall and majestic, fell under siege and begun to crumple before her very own eyes. When the coin stopped the image was as it was when she first received the piece.

“Do you know what this means?” Willow asked Shane.

“We need to think of a plan for getting out of this cave,” he said looking towards the direction of the breeze.

Let The Reading Begin!!!

The upcoming series of posts is a fiction based story i’m currently working on. Last night i had a very vivid lucid dream about a few things that are about to happen in this story. I won’t disclose which parts, that’ll ruin the fun.

I will say that, if the rest of these posts is nearly as good as the rest of my dream you are all in for a wild ride. The upcoming story is untitled, the beginning post is merely titled the prologue which i guess is a teaser to the rest of the story. A lot of the story has already taken place but don’t worry, i will go back and explain all you will need to know.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i’ll enjoy writing it.