Once Upon A Time – Season1 – Episode #3 – Snow Falls – Recap

Promotional Picture of Snow White from “ABC’S Once Upon A Time”

Original Air Date: 11/06/2011

So as a quick recap for first timers, so far Emma has been brought to Storybrooke, Maine by her son Henry who had been adopted by the town’s Mayor, Regina Mills. Storybrooke is not your ordinary town; Henry believes that all the people of Storybrooke are actually fairytale characters who’ve been placed there after an evil curse had been cast by the Evil Queen of the Snow White story. He also believes that the evil Queen is his adoptive mother, Mayor Regina Mills. He brought Emma there because she is the only one who can save them all and break the curse; he believes this because Emma is supposedly the child of Snow White and Prince Charming. Emma’s arrival in Storybrooke has caused issues specifically with Regina, who would like her to leave immediately. Regina feels threatened because of Henry’s love for his mother but also perhaps because the return of the “chosen one” may mean an end to the curse she worked so hard at casting. However, Emma chose to stay for the sake of Henry and the two women square off, Regina using manipulation to scare her off and  Emma stepping up to the challenge. The fairy tale citizens are unaware of their true identities, however, throughout the show we learn of their stories. On the previous episode we learn of the sacrifice the Evil Queen had to endure in order to cast her wicked spell. The price of her vengeance was the heart of the one person she loved the most, her father; and now for this week’s recap.

This particular episode starts in Fairytale land where the royal carriage is racing through the enchanted forest accompanied by an armed escort. Inside the carriage is Prince Charming enjoying the view, when he asks  his riding companion about the view, we see that the woman accompanying him is not Snow White, but a blonde woman who we have yet to identify. The carriage approaches a fallen tree blocking the road and the carriage comes to a stop. Charming in princely fashion gets out of the carriage to assess the situation. While he’s figuring out the tree was merely a distraction, an unknown thief steals his satchel from the carriage and escapes. Prince Charming immediately goes after the bandit. Knocking the thief off of their horse, Charming dismounts and prepares to pummel the robber. However, he holds back, discovering that the bandit is actually a woman. This woman appears to be Snow White.
(Yes, very weird and very random).  This Snow White has yet to meet and fall for Charming and clearly as there is a blonde woman in the carriage, he has not yet fallen for her either. Prince Charming is stunned to see that the outlaw is a woman, Charming hesitates. Snow White takes advantage of this and seizing a rock knocks him off of her and she escapes. Prince Charming, yells after her, “You can’t hide from me; wherever you are I will find you.” Snow White smugly looks behind her and rides away.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is out with Dr. Whale, (Random Doctor at the hospital) at the diner. While she continues to talk about the typical date stuff, he is ignoring her while drooling over Ruby, (Red Riding Hood). Mary Margaret notices this, clears the tab and leaves. She sees Emma in her car and is elated to see that she decided not to leave town after all. Mary Margaret then offers to let Emma stay in the spare room at her place. Emma politely declines stating that she is not the roommate type.

The next day in class, Mary Margaret is on a field trip with her class. Mary Margaret volunteers at the hospital and she is taking the children to see the sick patients. Henry sees patient JOHN DOE, who is still in a coma and the real world’s version of Prince Charming. Henry asks if she knows him, unfortunately she does not and she quickly leads him out of the room.


Later, Henry tells Emma that he the John Doe in the hospital is actually Fairytale lands Prince Charming, thus concluding that he is her father. He suggests that they tell Mary Margaret about Prince Charming, and then hatches a plan that if Mary Margaret reads to him, perhaps he will awaken and remember who he is. Emma concedes to his plan but only under the condition that they do things her way. Emma goes to tell Mary Margaret the plan, she is hesitant at first but Emma tells her to just play along with Henry to prove to him that none of it is real. She agrees because she wants to get him to understand the truth without hurting him.

As Mary Margaret carries out the plan sitting at John Doe’s bedside reading him the story from Fairytale Land, he grabs her wrist. Startled she runs for Dr. Whale, the same guy from the previous night.  He checks the monitors and concludes that nothing has changed. She tells the Dr. that she was reading him a story and he tells her that she must have been dreaming. Mary Margaret leaves and instantly the Dr. calls Regina, (apparently everyone does this after people leave). The Dr. tells Regina everything, about Mary Margaret reading to the coma patient, his alleged movement, and the slight increase of brain activity. In her home Regina looks worried, if she really is behind the spell, Prince Charming waking up from a coma is a bad idea.  Mary Margaret has arrived home and gotten into bed, she is reading the fairytale book and we are whisked away to fairytale land again.

In fairytale land we see Snow White leaving her hiding place in the enchanted forest. With her belongings in hand, she exits her hollowed tree trunk and prepares to hit the road. She barely takes a few steps before she is caught in what was obviously a trap set by Prince Charming. He confidently reminds her that he said he’d find her. Snow White still dangling from his trap, mockingly says, “Aren’t you a real “Prince Charming.” He attempts to tell her is name, but she stops him. His name is not really charming, he’s just called that. He demands Snow give him back the stuff she stole from him, inside the satchel was a ring that once belonged to his mother. He threatens to turn her in to the queen if she doesn’t help him. She agrees.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is telling Emma and Henry what happened at the hospital.  Everyone goes to the hospital only to be met by Sheriff Graham; he tells the trio that John Doe is missing. Regina is also at the hospital and scolds Henry because he lied to her about his whereabouts. Dr. Whale, tells everyone that if John Doe is not found his life could be in danger. Regina demands John Doe be found. A man hunt ensues, leading Emma and Graham to question the hospital security guard, Leroy. Looking over the security tapes he tells them the door John Doe escaped through leads straight into the woods.

In fairytale land, Snow White is taking Prince Charming through the forest. She is playing with a miniature glass bottle filled with dust tied around her neck. He questions her about the necklace but she isn’t willing to discuss it. Prince Charming; swipes the necklace from her neck causally playing with it, she tells him it’s a weapon. He asks what kind of weapon it is, seeing that it is dust. She divulges that inside the bottle is fairy dust. The two discuss good fairy dust which is not harmful, but what’s in the necklace is not from a good fairy and is deadly. It turns whoever the dust is used on is morphed into something easily squashed. While continuing on their journey, Snow White tells him that the charges against her made by the Queen are not true. The queen wants to kill her so she’s been stealing from her to get enough money to escape, so she can never be hurt. Prince Charming asks why the Queen would go through so much trouble, and Snow White reveals that the queen blames her for ruining her life. She admits that she did indeed ruin the Queen’s life, (a version I never heard of). The pair reach a stream and Snow requests they break for water. Snow White uses this time to attempt an escape by hitting Charming in the head with a branch. He falls into the stream and she runs into a group of the Queen’s knights. Busted, they plan to kill her and give her heart to the Queen

In Storybrooke, Emma, Mary Margaret and Sheriff Graham are looking for John Doe. Searching through the woods, Henry somehow shows up and offers to help, he claims to know where John Doe is. He tells Mary Margaret that Doe is looking for her.

Back in fairytale land Snow White having been captured is about to be slain when Charming appears rescuing her, in typical hero fashion. He kills the guards and releases her, Snow is surprised by the action since she left him for dead. He replies, “It seemed like the honorable thing to do.” Charming gets back to the point and demands she help him get the jewels back.  Snow White tells him the jewels were sold to trolls not far from where they are. The two go off in search of them.

Meanwhile; Emma, Henry, Mary Margaret and Graham are still searching in the woods for John Doe; Henry tells Mary Margaret that John Doe is looking for her because she woke him up and he is in love with her. Graham finds John Doe’s discarded and bloody hospital band.

Once again in fairytale land, Snow White and Prince Charming arrive at the bridge where the trolls are. Snow White attempts a negotiation to get the jewelry back but the trolls figure out she’s Snow White a wanted fugitive and he’s Prince Charming a noted royal. Charming is almost killed by the trolls while Snow White  having dealt with the trolls before almost escapes; she doubles back to save Charming by turning the trolls into insects with the fairydust. Prince Charming thanks her and tells her his name is James. (We now know his name).

In the woods of Storybrooke the search party is still looking for John Doe. As Mary Margaret looks around she finds John Doe lying near the stream; she quickly goes to help him and begs him to return with her. Not only has John Doe been in a coma, when Mary Margaret asks who he is, it is revealed that John Doe also has amnesia.

Back at the hospital John Doe is being cared for by Dr. Whale, a blonde woman, (the same form the carriage in fairytale land) appears at the hospital and tells everyone that John Doe is named David. Mary Margaret asks who the woman is, and just then, Regina appears and tells our group that the blonde woman is his wife.

Having no other way to segue this, we are back in fairy tale land as Snow White and our valiant Prince Charming are heading back to their lives. He has the jewels and she gets to go back on the run now having her gold. The two clearly not wanting to leave idly talk about the ring, a bit of playful banter ends in him saying farewell; she calls him Prince Charming and when he corrects him, she maintains that she likes ‘Charming’ better. She exits, puzzled by the connection he feels for this woman, as he turns to leave, Snow White turns as well watching him go. She smiles and continues down her path. The two leave each other neither aware of what their futures hold.

At Storybrooke’s hospital, Regina is telling everyone that John Doe is David Nolan. The blonde woman now known to be Kathryn, jumps in telling Mary Margaret of how the two separated. The story behind the mystery marriage/separation is that they were not getting along, she feels responsible for their problems because she told him he could leave as opposed to trying to work it out.  Emma suspiciously asks why Kathryn hadn’t bothered looking for him, apparently the woman assumed her husband had skipped town. Dr. Whale baffled by the experience, has no idea why he woke up and considers it a miracle. While Kathryn rushes to David, Henry begins trying to explain why they found David where thye did.  Henry believes that David was looking for Mary Margaret by the troll bridge, she doesn’t believe this but when Henry says the two belong together, the thought resonates with her.

As Regina is preparing to leave (seemingly without Henry), Emma runs after her, finding it peculiar that Regina of all people would have the contact information of the David who everyone else presumed to be a John Doe. Regina claims that after Emma looked at the security tapes she decided to also go through previous tapes, where she noticed David calling Kathryn’s name. Regina used that information to find her. She uses this time to, take a jab at Emma. “How grateful I am to have Henry. Because not having someone? Well, that’s the worst curse imaginable.”

Kathryn embraces David, but while she’s hugging him, he is staring at Mary Margaret. If you’ve connected the dots, the lingering glance is the same looks shared between Snow White and Prince Charming.  While staring at the couple, Mary Margaret is playing with the ring on her finger, as we look closer, it is the same ring Prince Charming planned to give to his fiancé. Later in her apartment alone, still playing with the ring on her finger, Mary Margaret has a visitor at the door. Emma is standing at the door, asking if the room is still available. Mary Margaret happily welcomes her in, neither woman knowing that if what Henry says is true, mother and daughter have finally been reunited.

*The Once Upon A Time Recaps of this blog are written by Noel Bleu

Original Recaps can be found on http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/once-upon-a-time/episode-guide/episode103-snow-falls  Original recaps Written by: Bryan Gracia


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