Grimm Origins: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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The wait is finally over; Grimm has returned and is now airing on Friday at 9/8c. If you missed the latest episode you can get caught up on NBC’s official website ( This story behind this week’s quote is probably one most of us are familiar with, The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothes.


“Dressed in the skin, the wolf strolled into the pasture with the Sheep. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter.”


Though the tale of this story  has origins in biblical allegory, the variants can still be found in fairy tales. In one version of this story a wolf devises a plan to disguise himself in order to get easy access to food. He dresses in the skin of a sheep, and makes his way in to a flock, deceiving the shepherd by his costume. That evening, the shepherd placed the wolf along with the rest of the flock in their pen. “The gate was closed, and the entrance made thoroughly secure.” But at some point the shepherd decided he wanted to have sheep for dinner, so he returned to the fold during the night to obtain the meat and instead of grabbing an actual sheep, he grabbed the wolf and killed him instantly.


In another version of the tale, after fooling the shepherd, the wolf killed one sheep every day. “ When the shepherd noticed this was happening, he hanged the wolf on a very tall tree. When other shepherds asked him why he  hanged a sheep, the shepherd answered: The skin is that of a sheep, but the activities were those of a wolf.’”





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