Grimm Origins: Teaser


Promotional Picture from NBC’s Grimm


For all those of you that are currently experiencing withdrawal, Grimm will be returning this on Friday Sept 28th, at 9/8c.


Also to recap some key parts for any of you who missed out on season one (or just need a refresher):

Portland Detective Nick Burkhardt received a visit from dying aunt and before passing away due to complications after an attack, she tells him that he and his family are “Grimms” – supernatural police charged with keeping a balance between humans and the supernatural. After finding this out all his police cases seem to end up being link to paranormal/fairy tale creatures. He even becomes friends with one of these creatures (Monroe) after investigating him for kidnapping. The season ended with his partner on the edge of a mental break down after encountering two of those fairy tale creatures (one being Monroe), his girlfriend being in coma after receiving a poisonous scratch from an old enemies cat, and a mysterious woman claiming to be Nick’s “dead” mother.


Again new episodes of Grimm start back up Friday Sept 28th, at 9/8c, but for now you can tie yourself over with watching full episodes of the first few episodes of this season on the NBC website.



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