Once Upon A Time – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Broken (Recap)


Promotional Picture from ABC’s Once Upon A Time


Welcome back for Season 2 of ABC’S Once Upon A Time.  Hope you all enjoyed the video recap; we will be kicking off season 2 with this blog recap.

In usual Once Upon A Time fashion we are following a young man in an undisclosed metropolis he is heading home. Getting into his apartment, a dove flies in and drops a note inside his window. The note merely says ‘Broken’ and is on a post card from Storybrooke.

We are whisked away to the same young man racing through the woods; in search of what we discover is Sleeping Beauty.  Once he wakes her up he wants to get her away from where she slept quickly. His riding companion is silently watching them. Since Aurora has been asleep a lot has changed but Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty’s beau’s name) doesn’t wish to tell her there. There is a safe haven where they all need to get to.  Prince Phillip does tell her that Maleficent is no longer a problem but he alludes to a bigger threat to their safety.

In Storybrooke, our group is reuniting; the curse that was placed over the town which stole everyone’s memories of Fairytale land has been broken. Mary Margaret who now realizes that she is Snow White is looking for Emma the long lost daughter she and Prince Charming sent away so long ago. Emma walks up and says, “So it’s true?” The two women embrace and cry but the heartfelt moment is short lived because a new mystery is underway, the origin of the mysterious purple smoke. The group decides that the one who has the answers is Regina, the evil queen.  However, after being duped by Rumpelstiltskin, Emma, alerts the group that the true enemy is Mr. Gold.

We are now in a wooded area of Storybrooke, Mr. Gold a.k.a. Rumpelstiltskin is having a heated conversation with Belle (from Beauty and the Beast). He is furious that she is alive, not because he wants her dead but, because Regina told him she murdered the young woman before the evil spell was cast. Belle had been locked away ever since. Belle makes him promise that he will kill Regina. After a few moments he agrees and the two share a loving kiss. (Which leads the questioning of whether the Beast, from stories was a metaphor or a literal animal).

While the troupe of people with Emma, Snow White, Prince Charming the dwarf’s etc., head towards Mr. Gold’s shop Snow wants to talk to Emma about their reunion. Emma declines feeling that more pressing matters are at hand. An angry mob races down the lane with a rather finicky Archie the therapist, now known as Jiminy Cricket, running in front of it. He tells Emma and the others that Dr. Whale has rallied some other townspeople and plans to go kill Regina. Henry begs Emma to help her and she agrees.

In fairytale land Phillip and Aurora are being attacked by a dragon, a mysterious amulet saves their lives; this is the same amulet we see Mr. Gold taking out of a box from his shop in Storeybrooke. The angry mob reaches Regina’s house and she ever so smugly threatens them only to find out that she has no magical power. Dr. Whale grabs hold of her only to be stopped by Emma, Charming and Snow White. Dr. Wale tells Charming he is not his prince, leading us all to believe that Dr. Whale is from another story entirely.  Snow White suggests that Regina be imprisoned a fate that everyone seems to agree on.

Back in this new part of fairytale land, Aurora discovers that Phillip’s companion is no one other than MULAN, (yes, she although not a pretend character is also in this show).

In prison Mr. Gold visits Regina to gloat about Belle not being dead, Regina tells him that she didn’t kill her which angers Gold more because she imprisoned her, so that she could kill her at a more useful time. He plans on doing the same to her, revealing the amulet he took from the box in his shop he grabs Regina’s hand and marks her with it.

The amulet is linked to a being called a wraith; this creature feeds on the souls of its victims leaving them damned for all eternity. (Coincidentally this looks and sounds like a dementor but we’ll discuss that later). Mr. Gold leaves Regina there cursed and awaiting her fate. We switch back to Phillip, Aurora and Mulan, Phillip has been marked and fails miserably at trying to hide it. Aurora sees the mark, he shrugs it off and we are taken back to Storybrooke.

Rumpelstiltskin summons the evil creature from the well, Regina wakes from a terrible nightmare knowing that her reckoning has come for her.  Ruby is taking Henry away from the ‘action’. As they drive off, Snow wants to talk about their reunion certain Emma would have questions for her parents. Emma doesn’t want to talk about anything, feeling more at ease to bottle her thoughts inside. Snow demands that they talk, Emma reveals that she has trouble admitting that her parents are fairytale characters but most of all, she has resentment over being deprived of her family.  Snow White tries explaining that if they hadn’t sent her away she would have been cursed to which Emma replies, “but we would’ve been together, which curse is worse?”


Back in Fairytale land Mulan tells everyone that the wraith only comes out at night so to be safe they need to break for camp. Phillip makes a shelter and encourages Aurora to sleep; having been asleep for quite some time she declines the nap. Phillip tells her he’s going to get firewood, promising to be back soon he sheds a tear as he leaves the two women and seeks out his death.

Emma and the rest of the group arrive at Mr. Gold’s who in his usual way pisses them off. Emma threatens to punch him in the face after he refuses to answer their questions. He does tell them that magic is coming back to Storybrooke and then rubs Emma’s happy ending in their faces.  Before they can continue though, an earthquake rattles through the town. Gold tells them that what’s coming is going to take care of Regina. As Emma, Charming and Snow race to the jail, Belle has overheard the entire conversation, tells him he hasn’t changed and rushes off.

In the fairytale woods Phillip has been gone for a while and Aurora decides to look for him, she runs into Mulan and asks if she’s seen him. The two try to figure out where he could be. Mulan tells Aurora that Phillip has been marked by the wraith. She tells her that everything Phillip has done he has done for her and he is going to die for her also. Mulan rushes to find him with Sleeping Beauty chasing after her. Back in Storybrooke we are in the jail with Regina. As the walls shake she is struck with fear knowing that the wraith is nearby, the shadowy figure looms in front of her cell and slowly starts sucking the life from her body. Emma, Snow and Charming arrive at the jail shortly after and try to fight the wraith off of her. After a few failed attempts Snow burns the demon and flees to recover, Regina tells them that it’ll be back. Charming suggest they do nothing, letting her die would solve their problems.  Emma reminds them of the promise she made Henry. Regina tells them that Gold sent the wraith to her; he is responsible for it being in Storybrooke. Emma asks that if they can’t kill the wraith how should they get rid of it, to which Regina replies “We need to send it somewhere else.”

The plan is to send the wraith to oblivion allegedly oblivion is what happened to the old fairytale land. Regina let slip that she has Jefferson’s hat.  We return to Mulan and Aurora traveling through the forest looking for Prince Phillip. The two women are arguing because Mulan wants to leave Aurora back at camp.  Sleeping beauty believes that Mulan is in love with Phillip. The conversation is put on hold when they hear Phillips screams. The two women rush to save him.

In Storybrooke the wraith has returned, Regina is trying to get the hat to open a portal that will suck the wraith back into the realm of fairytales. Regina can’t get the hat working; in fairytale land the wraith is circling above Prince Phillip, Mulan and Sleeping Beauty arrive just in time. He says ‘I Love You’ though we are not sure to whom; the wraith sucks his soul from his body as the women scream in terror. In the middle of the action in Storybrooke, Regina still can’t get the hat to open.  Emma rushes to help her, Snow White and Prince Charming fend the demon off, encircling them in a wall of fire. Emma gets the portal open and the wraith gets sucked into it.  The wraith grabs hold of Emma as it’s going in, Snow refuses to lose Emma a second time, and she jumps in after her. Prince Charming attempts to also jump in after them but the portal closes before he can get in.

As Mulan and Sleeping Beauty are laying Phillips body to rest, Mulan gives Aurora his pouch. She feels that she should have it. Aurora takes it and the two women ask about the time they spent together. Back in Storybrooke Charming is trying to get back into the portal; he and Regina begin to argue about whether the women are dead or not. They begin to fight and it seems as though Regina is going to kill him until Henry walks in with Ruby. Henry catches them fighting and she releases him. Prince Charming crumples to the floor gasping for air, Ruby rushes to his side and Regina quickly tells Henry that Mary Margaret and Emma have been lost. Henry makes Regina promise to find and bring Emma and Mary Margaret back or he threatens to never speak to her again. He goes with Charming and Ruby leaving Regina at the jail alone.

Rumpelstiltskin is spinning thread in his shop, Belle has returned and he tells her that Regina is alive and the beast has departed. Belle noticed that he still had her chipped cup. (Perhaps the cup named Chip from the cartoon is really just a chipped cup) He tells her that of all the things that things in his shop that is the one thing that he truly treasures. He tells her that she must leave because he is still a monster and in a very touching way she tells him that this is why she must stay. At Mary Margaret’s apartment Henry and David (Prince Charming) are just getting back. Henry goes over and looks at the picture of Emma and Mary Margaret.  David says that he will always find them and not to worry about it.

We rejoin Mulan and Sleeping Beauty; the women are still heading back to the safe haven in the kingdom. Mulan is telling the story of what happened as Aurora slept. Regina cast a curse on the land ripping the world away; this is the only corner of the world that was saved for some reason. However, it brought the wraith to their world. Phillip had teamed up with Mulan in search for Aurora.  While she slept the curse was cast, and Phillip and Mulan were frozen in time.  For 28 years they stayed that way until one day something happened. Something weakened the curse and they continued to search for her. They found her but the world they live in is now filled with more dangerous things. They come across some rubble and Mulan removes the stuff from the pile and uncovers Emma and Mary Margaret. Mulan says that that’s what killed their prince. The show ends on that note.


2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Broken (Recap)

  1. Great review! I’m severely behind on the season so far of this show, but I did finally get a chance to watch this episode earlier today on DISH Online. I don’t have too many words to describe it except for one; awesome! I thought the entire episode was great, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of season two has in store! I loved season one, so I can only imagine it getting pretty crazy. I’m interested about what happens to Snow and Emma the most in fairy land, so that has me excited to catch up with the other episodes online as well. Thankfully I have the next couple of days off of work at DISH, so I have plenty of time to catch up! 🙂

    • I am curious to know if you are still watching the show. We here at Blu Moon Fiction are keeping tabs on it. I do apologize for the delay in responding we’ve had a few years of technical difficulties. Most of the seasons are on Netflix I encourage you to consider catching up there if you haven’t already. All remaining episodes are on ABC ON DEMAND or HULU @ this point.

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