OUAT’s Dark Swan is Taking Over Summer!!!

DarkEmmaSeason5posterSeason 4 of Once Upon A Time was one that had us begging for Fall. Since its inception, OUAT has relied on Emma Swan as the savior, the shining light in Storybrooke. Last season, writers shook things up by letting us know that, that was not set in stone. All season she was tested; her faith in parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, shaken and she even murdered Cruella  Deville “unintentionally”. Through it all Emma found her way to stay on the side of goodness and we were all still counting on Emma’s shining light.

Things took a twist however, when Rumpelstiltskin partnering with The Author in a weird attempt at rewriting everyone’s stories, gave the villains a happy ending. The villains were still villains even in this reverse world and Henry became the new author, after Rumpelstiltskin  sacrificed Regina to keep his fake new life. Rumpelstiltskin; once back in Storybrooke, still a villain and dying of a cancer caused by his blackened heart, was hanging on by a thread. Meaning soon  everyone in Storybrooke would be at the mercy of  The Dark One, untethered to a human soul. Apprentice Saves Rumple

The apprentice; newly released from the cosmic sorcerers hat, attempts to banish the darkness where he’d been imprisoned all season. Unfortunately, the darkness is too strong and unconstrained by the hat latches itself to the Apprentice,  Emma uses her powers to free The Apprentice but releases the dark ooze into the night. The Apprentice, suggests they find The Wizard, as he attached the darkness to The Dark One dagger in the first place. As the group heads to regroup and plan next seasons adventure however, the darkness finds them.
Regina, who had earlier in the season stated she next to Rumple had the greatest potential for evil fell prey to it’s cyclone of death.EmmasavesRegina As it began to snuff out what little light Regina had in her to begin with, Emma in true savior form, sacrificed herself pushing  Regina out of the way and becoming the dark one herself. Season 5, promises to be one of the best yet, with dark Emma wreaking havoc as her friends head to Camelot, in search of Merlin; the aforementioned Sorcerer, who has intricate knowledge of the dark ooze currently  residing in Emma.

The cast from Camelot so far includes a new insipid spin on King Arthur, a manipulative and dangerous Guinevere, the introduction of Sir Percival and the return of dear Lancelot whom I hope is alive in either MistHaven (enchanted forest) or Storybrooke (Main). To round them out we have our all knowing Sorcerer Merlin, who will be helping our Storybrooke crew played by Elliot Knight, a young black actor from the UK. You may have seen Elliot in his tv show Sinbad, but you may have also seen him on ABC’s hit show How To Get Away With Murder. We’ll also meet princess Merida from Brave and to round out the family reunions sources for the show hinted at bringing on Rumpelstiltskin’s mom  but lied to us and instead will be introducing Lily’s father for season 5.


More on #DarkSwan and the rest of the cast in Season 5 of ONCE UPON A TIME in part II of this article, coming next week!!


3 thoughts on “OUAT’s Dark Swan is Taking Over Summer!!!

  1. kori93 says:

    I am super excited about Dark Swan coming this Fall!

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