King of the Empire Released/ New Dynasty Rising

Empire lyon firedCookie, Hakeem, Andre and Anika  were of course fired after failing to complete their hostile take over. The buyer they had lined up decided Empire records without Luscious wasn’t worth the investment, so she completed the deal and double crossed the group.

McKnightand LuciousQueen Cookie, determined to have her turn on the throne resolved to starting her very own label utilizing the skills of her cohorts, to Hakeem that meant starting a girl group and a feisty latina singer had his full attention as auditions continued. Boo-Boo Kitty was summarily dismissed  and Andre decided he wanted to go back home to Empire. It was Hakeem in the end who stayed, leaking his album on the internet breaking the final connection to his father. For Cookie and Hakeem a new Lyon Dynasty is on the horizon.

From prison Luscious used his pull to release a prison track, and prosecutor Roxanne Ford (Tyra Ferrel of Poetic Justice) played hardball withholding his meds until he confessed to murder. From the inside  a correctional officer with a grudge (guest star Ludacris) made his stay in prison a little less comfortable.

Luscious hires a new savvy lawyer who gets rid of the hostile guard and gets Luscious Released on a million dollar bail.Thirsty the lawyer


What were some of your favorite moments of episode 2?

Profiles in History Hollywood Memorabilia Auction # 74

What do Carrie Fisher’s famed  “Slave Leia” costume, Marty McFly’s self-lacing shoes and the original script from The Wizard of Oz all have in common? Over the next three days they’ll all be auctioned off to the highest bidder.Slave Leia

Profiles in History is having their Hollywood Memorabilia Auction, running from Tuesday, September 29, 2015 to Thursday October 1, 2015. The catalogue features; a large assemblage of Iconic 50’s-70’s TV Costumes,Screen-Used auction items, plus instruments and property from music legends such as Michael Jackson and Carlos Santana.

Amidst the items being auctioned off are, Carrie Fisher’s “Slave Leia” costume collection and display from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. estimated value around  $80,000 – $120,000  , Robin Williams “Mrs. Doubtfire” complete costume and fat suit from Mrs. Doubtfire.  $12,000 – $15,000 and  Michael Jordan’s uniform from Space Jam.  $10,000 – $15,000.

Mrs doubtfireMichael J. Fox’s “Marty McFly” 2015 Nike “Mags” self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future II are also on the auction block. Coincidentally self – lacing shoes still don’t exist in 2015, but bidding starts for these shoes around $30,000 – $50,000. The shoes were such a success that Nike is going to be producing the “Nice Kicks” brand to support Parkinson’s disease. 

The 3 day auction held physically in sunny California, eligible bidders can participate in person, by telephone, fax, by submitting absentee bids or may participate online in real time from anywhere with Internet access across the globe.

OUAT Season 5 Opener – Emma’s battle w/ Darkness Seemingly Lost

Emma and RumpelSunday night we watched as Emma struggled with her darkness throughout the episode and  by show’s end we truly believed the saviors pure heart would conquer the darkness within. Unfortunately, once we came back from commercial it was six weeks later and a truly menacing Dark Swan had transported a rather confused and regal looking bunch of Storybrooke  folks  back home, promising to punish our heroes for what they’ve  done to her.

What they did 6 weeks prior is what we’ll discover this season, what happened after our troupe made it to Camelot?

It appeared as though Emma would succeed having bested her darkness a literal translation of Rumpelstiltskin tormenting her the entire show. Her family and friends made it to the enchanted forest just as Emma was about to crush Merida ‘ s beating heart.

The gang is going forth to find Merlin but it seems as though King Arthur and his knights had been expecting them. Emma is meant to lead them all to Merlin, or so we think for now. The Dark One’s dagger is actually the tip to Excalibur, King Arthur ‘ s famed sword. They’d discovered it missing at the beginning of the show and of course  Emma’s descent into evil has brought everything up to speed.Lancelot and King Arthur

What power would Excalibur wield if ever reunited with its broken piece?

Emma emerges from the black ooze in the Enchanted forest , coherent but dazed. She comes across what appears to be an alternate Rumpelstiltskin acting as evil shoulder angel. His purpose  seems to be merely to tempt her, advising her on the best ways to give into her dark urges. He leads her down the path to tracking a will-o’-the-wisp.

Once Upon A Time Season 5 Bingo!!!

Once Upon A Time Season 5 Bingo Board 1.1

The Rules

When you see a corresponding square   call it out by commenting or posting to the Facebook page using the tag #ONCEBINGO in order to be entered into the prize drawing your post must also feature the tag #SHOWSWELOVE, the tags #BMF or #BluMoonFiction may also be included to boost chances of us seeing your post.  The 5 winners who get #BINGO (which must also be included in the final post to claim your win) will win Once Upon a Time merchandise. Note: The merchandise offered as a prize for playing BINGO is manufactured by the people who sell merchandise at but, purchased by us for the purposes of offering as prizes only. No monetary exchange between winners of #ONCEBINGO and Blu Moon Fiction is to occur. Upon winning Bingo you must inbox all necessary contact information within 24-48 hrs of claiming your win so that we may purchase and process your prize. Any questions comments or concerns can be sent to subject line: Bingo Winners

T.G.I.T Premiere!!! Scandal Season 5 Exposed & HTGAWM Season 2 Left Us Breathless!



Well folks, ABC’s Thursday night TGIT premiere was one for the record books. Gladiators got their wish with a steamy start to Scandal’s Season 5 premiere and How to Get Away With Murder set us down the path to a brand new mystery at the end of it’s premiere of Season 2. 

Scandal-Season-5-Premiere-PicturesScandal of course did not disappoint starting off the night with a sultry montage of all the rooms in the white house being sullied by OLITZ, we almost forgot that there was a full hour’s worth of juice in the program, but Shonda made a point to bring us back by throwing in a Princess Diana storyline. Just as we were swooning over how cute Olivia and Fitz are now that Mellie is out of the picture, the show took a turn for the dramatic when the Princess of Caledonia dies in a gruesome car accident. The entire episode is spent finding out whodunnit while observing the new lovebirds adapting to life as a couple, Fitz was so eager to claim his prize that he served Mellie divorce papers moments after she swore in as governor of VA.

Huck still reeling from his part in the Grand Jury assassination has been waiting in Olivia’s apartment,
scandal-5x01-mellie-fitzwaiting for her return so she can fix him; he finally turns to Jake when she admits she has no solutions to his problem. 

The episode ended in true Scandal fashion with Pope & Associates (i.e. Pope and Quinn) getting the last laugh on a crooked royal. Olivia, who’d been acting weird about going public with Fitz about their relationship, finally comes clean and admits she wanted to slow things down and work on their relationship before other factors got involved. To ice a perfect episode Sally Langston ruins everything by leaking photos of the couple on her cable show outing their relationship.

Favorite line of the show, – “Did Quinn hurt you on the inside?”



Scandal Drinking Game – Borrowed & Adjusted

Olivia: Enjoys her customary meal of red wine and popcorn

Fitz: Reminds us he’s the leader of the free world (We know, Fitz! We know.)

Mellie & Cyrus: Team up to take back the White House

Abby: Complains about not being in the loop

Quinn: Gives it the old college try and attempts getting the Gladiators back together

Huck: Finds his traumatized family in hiding, once again

Rosen: Is in the episode

Jake: Brings up standing in the sun with Olivia

Lizzie: Working against Fitz behind his back

Bonus: Finish your drink every time someone says “Gladiator

Family Secrets:Regina Jamison



May 23, 2012

Name: Regina Nicole Wilkes (Jamison)

Age: 42

Career: Doctor of Physical Therapy at The Hughes & Mansfield Rehabilitation center in Downtown New Bolden

Regina looked out the window to see her sons car pulling out of the driveway. He had been one of few things she’d managed to do correctly. Her marriage was a lie, her relationship with Ivy had whittled away and she was slowly losing control of her will power. Opening the red oak stained desk in the study she pulled out the menu for this evening’s party. A copy had been sent over yesterday by the caterer to confirm the final changes she’d made.  Quickly dialing the number she’d elected to discussing it with the woman over the phone since emails hadn’t been that effective. She blamed herself, her mind had been elsewhere these past few weeks.

It was getting harder and harder to make decisions these days and the lack of sleep wasn’t improving her judgement. She’d begun misplacing client files at work, if she didn’t pull herself together soon she knew that someone at work would catch on to her growing habit. She’d manage to wean herself down to four pills a day, just enough to keep her peppy. silhouette - womanAt night she’d only take two pills just enough to lull her into another empty, sleepless stupor. Eric, consumed in work as usual had no inkling of the change she’d undergone. She was no longer the optimistic, care – free woman she was when they’d met. Now plagued by guilt and the knowledge of all her deeds she was a walking vessel of shame.

The menu looked perfect, a fact the caterer seemed almost too eager to point out. Cheap but elegant appetizers leading to an exquisite main course followed by a mouth watering dessert. She’d been anxious all last night pouring over the alterations in her mind. This was her only son, her eldest child; following in his parent’s footsteps and choosing a career path. A momentary swell of excitement and happiness flooded Regina’s heart as she thought of all the possibilities Evan could have. All the mistakes he could avoid, mistakes like the ones she’d made.

The buzzing of her cell phone shook her from her reverie, and rolling her eyes at the caller she quickly pressed the ignore button. She knew the number well, many nights her heart and libido spiked at the sight of the number and the man it represented. She’d quickly dress and lie her way out of the house to answer the call of the number now flashing once more on her screen. But guilt would no longer allow her to chase the allure of the man calling her now. She could never again speak to him the way she had before, but Devin Baker was not the kind of man to simply walk away from something he wanted.

A point he made clear the last time they’d spoke. A truth he’d proven time and time again since they’d ended their affair. He would hold her in his arms again, he would have her as his wife.

The buzzing turned into beeping as phone calls became text messages of him proclaiming his love for her and pleading for them to meet. She knew that if she didn’t respond soon he’d begin calling the house again. Somehow he’d managed to find her number each time they’d changed it. She couldn’t risk her husband answering the phone, who knew what Devin might say, or worse if one of the children answered; all the questions she’d be accountable for.

Regina snatched the phone from the desk and blocking the number quickly punched in the number once again flooding her call screen.

“What do you want Devin?”

“You sound tense, you really need to watch your blood pressure Regina.”

The silky deep tone of the man on the other end gave Regina chills, his smooth baritone once sent shivers to the deepest part of her loins but now it made her skin crawl with an uneasiness she’d never felt before.

“I asked you not to contact me for anything other than work, it was the agreement we made when we ended our social business… hold on.”

Wallace University Red Files – Ms. Bean (2015)

Ms. Bean

Cause of Death: Face Burned Off


Unappreciated housemaid of Kappa house and unaffectionately known as “White Mammie” Ms. Bean was unintentionally (so we think) fried to death by Chanel #1 during a hazing prank gone terribly wrong. Her body was last seen in the meat locker because Chanel refused to confess and is currently at large implying she may not actually be dead.

Wallace University Red Files – Chanel #4 (2014)

Chanel #4

Cause of Death: Mononucleosis


Unidentified pledge #2 a.k.a. Chanel #4 was pledging Kappa as one of Chanel #1’s minions until she caught mono. Despite Chanel #1 demanding she stay and continue rushing, she went home and allegedly died shortly after.

Jamison Family:Prologue

Jamison home true

May 23, 2012   11:45 am

The sun shone brightly on the middle home of Blossom Circle in the quiet town of New Bolden, USA. The rays bounced off of the copper colored brick that made up the Jamison home. The resident’s from inside shuffled quietly through the halls each starting on their separate tasks for the day. Today would be full of family, food and friends. The Jamison’s could afford such a lavish gathering and today would be cause for such an outpouring of funds because the eldest child Evan, fresh from high school has been accepted into college at Coulter university and was offered a full scholarship.

Regina, matriarch of the shuffling family scurries from her bedroom and quickly heads downstairs to start on breakfast, a busying tasks to settle her nerves and stave off the restless feeling that is growing in the pit of her stomach, sleepless nights have begun to take their toll on her and the increasing dependence she has on her sleeping medication is starting to affect her behavior.  After starting the coffee pot she scurries upstairs to the master bathroom where she finds her solace, a  newly refilled prescription of Cymbalta. After quickly washing the tiny blue and yellow pill down, she quickly goes down to the study to check on the final details of the party with the caterer.

Hearing the final door close; Ivy, the youngest of the Jamison clan with packed bag and coat in arm heads down the trellis of her bedroom window and hides in the bushes. Their she waits as her father washes the car, frantically checking her cell phone for the latest text from Hassan.

Receiving a phone call on his cell, Eric heads into the house abandoning the task of washing his car for another time. The number is from his attorney, filled with slight panic he heads for the study only to find his wife in the office correcting the caterer on the menu. She’s changed it four times since the party planning began, and he can’t help but notice how erratic she’s been for the past few months. Briefly, he envisions the broken look on Regina’s face when the doctor informed them of her miscarriage. He wished more than anything that he could have erased her grief and eased her pain. She had been so distant before news of her pregnancy, and after, it had been as if he’d found the woman he’d married again. Now she was always locking herself in a room, shutting herself off from everyone including him. He smiles at his wife, quickly noting the distant look in her eye and heads for the bedroom. Passing his son Evan in the hallway, Eric enters the bedroom and locks the door.

Evan bounds down the stairs, his mind is racing as he prepares for work grabbing the packed lunch his mom left him on the counter. His only thought being finishing up in time to check on Leslie before he has to come home for the graduation party. Leslie missed graduation, too sick to show up, they had to mail her diploma home. A ping of guilt runs through him as he thinks about how pale she looked the last time he was there, tear stained cheeks and pleading fearful eyes implored him to help her through her madness.

He made the resolve to rescue her from her turmoil vowing to set things right and picking up as many extra hours as possible. Driving toward downtown New Bolden he appreciated his father’s connections. Though a career as an artists would yield minor dividends a career as an exclusive interior decorator could turn out to be most profitable. His father always knew the most economical decision to make. Though he never did spend much time asking what his children were interested in. Eric Jamison was not one for fostering their dreams but took special care to nurture their potential, especially if they could make money at it. So when Evan decided on that career path, he made a phone call to the HR rep for the Bridgeman and Long Architectural Firm and schmoozed his son’s way into a paid internship. Luckily for him, he was very good at the job.

Wallace University Red Files – Unidentified Pledge #1 (1995)

Unidentified pledge 1

Cause of Death: Childbirth

One tragic night at Kappa House, this young woman made the fatal mistake of getting between her sorority sisters and a TLC song. She bled to death in a bathtub during a terrible group rendition of waterfalls and the incident was more than likely concealed by school officials.