Family Secrets: Jamison Family



What you are about to read is  a collection of tales about the resident’s in the seemingly peaceful town of New Bolden, USA. This town like many others has a rich history built upon life changing moments that define it as a shining city of prominence and influence. The town’s residents are some of the hard working elite as well as some of the harder working middle – class. The nature of the town itself is much less important than the nature of it’s residents which you will see shortly have much insight to offer on the inner workings of their city. Though a beacon of hope for some, others in the lush suburban city will tell you that appearances may be deceiving. Each of the town’s members has a secret a dark shadow that could threaten the livelihoods by all affected. What would it be like to be a fly on the wall in another’s home, what secrets does your family hold? Join us now for an evening in the lives of another family, and watch as their secrets unfold.

Tonight we will be joining the Jamison family for a celebratory dinner. Parents Regina and Eric are pleased to be sending eldest son Evan to Coulter University, a local but prestigious university just outside of town. An event which took weeks to plan even enlisted the help of the youngest child Ivy. Though on the outside the Jamison’s appear to be content moving seamlessly around each other’s lives never once really aware of the chaos boiling beneath the surface. Each dinner guests this evening is another weight added to the heavy cloud of conspiracy looming in the home.


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