Jamison Family:Prologue

Jamison home true

May 23, 2012   11:45 am

The sun shone brightly on the middle home of Blossom Circle in the quiet town of New Bolden, USA. The rays bounced off of the copper colored brick that made up the Jamison home. The resident’s from inside shuffled quietly through the halls each starting on their separate tasks for the day. Today would be full of family, food and friends. The Jamison’s could afford such a lavish gathering and today would be cause for such an outpouring of funds because the eldest child Evan, fresh from high school has been accepted into college at Coulter university and was offered a full scholarship.

Regina, matriarch of the shuffling family scurries from her bedroom and quickly heads downstairs to start on breakfast, a busying tasks to settle her nerves and stave off the restless feeling that is growing in the pit of her stomach, sleepless nights have begun to take their toll on her and the increasing dependence she has on her sleeping medication is starting to affect her behavior.  After starting the coffee pot she scurries upstairs to the master bathroom where she finds her solace, a  newly refilled prescription of Cymbalta. After quickly washing the tiny blue and yellow pill down, she quickly goes down to the study to check on the final details of the party with the caterer.

Hearing the final door close; Ivy, the youngest of the Jamison clan with packed bag and coat in arm heads down the trellis of her bedroom window and hides in the bushes. Their she waits as her father washes the car, frantically checking her cell phone for the latest text from Hassan.

Receiving a phone call on his cell, Eric heads into the house abandoning the task of washing his car for another time. The number is from his attorney, filled with slight panic he heads for the study only to find his wife in the office correcting the caterer on the menu. She’s changed it four times since the party planning began, and he can’t help but notice how erratic she’s been for the past few months. Briefly, he envisions the broken look on Regina’s face when the doctor informed them of her miscarriage. He wished more than anything that he could have erased her grief and eased her pain. She had been so distant before news of her pregnancy, and after, it had been as if he’d found the woman he’d married again. Now she was always locking herself in a room, shutting herself off from everyone including him. He smiles at his wife, quickly noting the distant look in her eye and heads for the bedroom. Passing his son Evan in the hallway, Eric enters the bedroom and locks the door.

Evan bounds down the stairs, his mind is racing as he prepares for work grabbing the packed lunch his mom left him on the counter. His only thought being finishing up in time to check on Leslie before he has to come home for the graduation party. Leslie missed graduation, too sick to show up, they had to mail her diploma home. A ping of guilt runs through him as he thinks about how pale she looked the last time he was there, tear stained cheeks and pleading fearful eyes implored him to help her through her madness.

He made the resolve to rescue her from her turmoil vowing to set things right and picking up as many extra hours as possible. Driving toward downtown New Bolden he appreciated his father’s connections. Though a career as an artists would yield minor dividends a career as an exclusive interior decorator could turn out to be most profitable. His father always knew the most economical decision to make. Though he never did spend much time asking what his children were interested in. Eric Jamison was not one for fostering their dreams but took special care to nurture their potential, especially if they could make money at it. So when Evan decided on that career path, he made a phone call to the HR rep for the Bridgeman and Long Architectural Firm and schmoozed his son’s way into a paid internship. Luckily for him, he was very good at the job.


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