Family Secrets:Regina Jamison



May 23, 2012

Name: Regina Nicole Wilkes (Jamison)

Age: 42

Career: Doctor of Physical Therapy at The Hughes & Mansfield Rehabilitation center in Downtown New Bolden

Regina looked out the window to see her sons car pulling out of the driveway. He had been one of few things she’d managed to do correctly. Her marriage was a lie, her relationship with Ivy had whittled away and she was slowly losing control of her will power. Opening the red oak stained desk in the study she pulled out the menu for this evening’s party. A copy had been sent over yesterday by the caterer to confirm the final changes she’d made.  Quickly dialing the number she’d elected to discussing it with the woman over the phone since emails hadn’t been that effective. She blamed herself, her mind had been elsewhere these past few weeks.

It was getting harder and harder to make decisions these days and the lack of sleep wasn’t improving her judgement. She’d begun misplacing client files at work, if she didn’t pull herself together soon she knew that someone at work would catch on to her growing habit. She’d manage to wean herself down to four pills a day, just enough to keep her peppy. silhouette - womanAt night she’d only take two pills just enough to lull her into another empty, sleepless stupor. Eric, consumed in work as usual had no inkling of the change she’d undergone. She was no longer the optimistic, care – free woman she was when they’d met. Now plagued by guilt and the knowledge of all her deeds she was a walking vessel of shame.

The menu looked perfect, a fact the caterer seemed almost too eager to point out. Cheap but elegant appetizers leading to an exquisite main course followed by a mouth watering dessert. She’d been anxious all last night pouring over the alterations in her mind. This was her only son, her eldest child; following in his parent’s footsteps and choosing a career path. A momentary swell of excitement and happiness flooded Regina’s heart as she thought of all the possibilities Evan could have. All the mistakes he could avoid, mistakes like the ones she’d made.

The buzzing of her cell phone shook her from her reverie, and rolling her eyes at the caller she quickly pressed the ignore button. She knew the number well, many nights her heart and libido spiked at the sight of the number and the man it represented. She’d quickly dress and lie her way out of the house to answer the call of the number now flashing once more on her screen. But guilt would no longer allow her to chase the allure of the man calling her now. She could never again speak to him the way she had before, but Devin Baker was not the kind of man to simply walk away from something he wanted.

A point he made clear the last time they’d spoke. A truth he’d proven time and time again since they’d ended their affair. He would hold her in his arms again, he would have her as his wife.

The buzzing turned into beeping as phone calls became text messages of him proclaiming his love for her and pleading for them to meet. She knew that if she didn’t respond soon he’d begin calling the house again. Somehow he’d managed to find her number each time they’d changed it. She couldn’t risk her husband answering the phone, who knew what Devin might say, or worse if one of the children answered; all the questions she’d be accountable for.

Regina snatched the phone from the desk and blocking the number quickly punched in the number once again flooding her call screen.

“What do you want Devin?”

“You sound tense, you really need to watch your blood pressure Regina.”

The silky deep tone of the man on the other end gave Regina chills, his smooth baritone once sent shivers to the deepest part of her loins but now it made her skin crawl with an uneasiness she’d never felt before.

“I asked you not to contact me for anything other than work, it was the agreement we made when we ended our social business… hold on.”


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