T.G.I.T Premiere!!! Scandal Season 5 Exposed & HTGAWM Season 2 Left Us Breathless!



Well folks, ABC’s Thursday night TGIT premiere was one for the record books. Gladiators got their wish with a steamy start to Scandal’s Season 5 premiere and How to Get Away With Murder set us down the path to a brand new mystery at the end of it’s premiere of Season 2. 

Scandal-Season-5-Premiere-PicturesScandal of course did not disappoint starting off the night with a sultry montage of all the rooms in the white house being sullied by OLITZ, we almost forgot that there was a full hour’s worth of juice in the program, but Shonda made a point to bring us back by throwing in a Princess Diana storyline. Just as we were swooning over how cute Olivia and Fitz are now that Mellie is out of the picture, the show took a turn for the dramatic when the Princess of Caledonia dies in a gruesome car accident. The entire episode is spent finding out whodunnit while observing the new lovebirds adapting to life as a couple, Fitz was so eager to claim his prize that he served Mellie divorce papers moments after she swore in as governor of VA.

Huck still reeling from his part in the Grand Jury assassination has been waiting in Olivia’s apartment,
scandal-5x01-mellie-fitzwaiting for her return so she can fix him; he finally turns to Jake when she admits she has no solutions to his problem. 

The episode ended in true Scandal fashion with Pope & Associates (i.e. Pope and Quinn) getting the last laugh on a crooked royal. Olivia, who’d been acting weird about going public with Fitz about their relationship, finally comes clean and admits she wanted to slow things down and work on their relationship before other factors got involved. To ice a perfect episode Sally Langston ruins everything by leaking photos of the couple on her cable show outing their relationship.

Favorite line of the show, – “Did Quinn hurt you on the inside?”



Scandal Drinking Game – Borrowed & Adjusted

Olivia: Enjoys her customary meal of red wine and popcorn

Fitz: Reminds us he’s the leader of the free world (We know, Fitz! We know.)

Mellie & Cyrus: Team up to take back the White House

Abby: Complains about not being in the loop

Quinn: Gives it the old college try and attempts getting the Gladiators back together

Huck: Finds his traumatized family in hiding, once again

Rosen: Is in the episode

Jake: Brings up standing in the sun with Olivia

Lizzie: Working against Fitz behind his back

Bonus: Finish your drink every time someone says “Gladiator


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