Once Upon A Time Season 5 Bingo!!!

Once Upon A Time Season 5 Bingo Board 1.1

The Rules

When you see a corresponding square   call it out by commenting or posting to the Facebook page using the tag #ONCEBINGO in order to be entered into the prize drawing your post must also feature the tag #SHOWSWELOVE, the tags #BMF or #BluMoonFiction may also be included to boost chances of us seeing your post.  The 5 winners who get #BINGO (which must also be included in the final post to claim your win) will win Once Upon a Time merchandise. Note: The merchandise offered as a prize for playing BINGO is manufactured by the people who sell merchandise at ABC.com but, purchased by us for the purposes of offering as prizes only. No monetary exchange between winners of #ONCEBINGO and Blu Moon Fiction is to occur. Upon winning Bingo you must inbox all necessary contact information within 24-48 hrs of claiming your win so that we may purchase and process your prize. Any questions comments or concerns can be sent to BluMoonFiction@gmail.com subject line: Bingo Winners

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