OUAT Season 5 Opener – Emma’s battle w/ Darkness Seemingly Lost

Emma and RumpelSunday night we watched as Emma struggled with her darkness throughout the episode and  by show’s end we truly believed the saviors pure heart would conquer the darkness within. Unfortunately, once we came back from commercial it was six weeks later and a truly menacing Dark Swan had transported a rather confused and regal looking bunch of Storybrooke  folks  back home, promising to punish our heroes for what they’ve  done to her.

What they did 6 weeks prior is what we’ll discover this season, what happened after our troupe made it to Camelot?

It appeared as though Emma would succeed having bested her darkness a literal translation of Rumpelstiltskin tormenting her the entire show. Her family and friends made it to the enchanted forest just as Emma was about to crush Merida ‘ s beating heart.

The gang is going forth to find Merlin but it seems as though King Arthur and his knights had been expecting them. Emma is meant to lead them all to Merlin, or so we think for now. The Dark One’s dagger is actually the tip to Excalibur, King Arthur ‘ s famed sword. They’d discovered it missing at the beginning of the show and of course  Emma’s descent into evil has brought everything up to speed.Lancelot and King Arthur

What power would Excalibur wield if ever reunited with its broken piece?

Emma emerges from the black ooze in the Enchanted forest , coherent but dazed. She comes across what appears to be an alternate Rumpelstiltskin acting as evil shoulder angel. His purpose  seems to be merely to tempt her, advising her on the best ways to give into her dark urges. He leads her down the path to tracking a will-o’-the-wisp.


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