King of the Empire Released/ New Dynasty Rising

Empire lyon firedCookie, Hakeem, Andre and Anika  were of course fired after failing to complete their hostile take over. The buyer they had lined up decided Empire records without Luscious wasn’t worth the investment, so she completed the deal and double crossed the group.

McKnightand LuciousQueen Cookie, determined to have her turn on the throne resolved to starting her very own label utilizing the skills of her cohorts, to Hakeem that meant starting a girl group and a feisty latina singer had his full attention as auditions continued. Boo-Boo Kitty was summarily dismissed  and Andre decided he wanted to go back home to Empire. It was Hakeem in the end who stayed, leaking his album on the internet breaking the final connection to his father. For Cookie and Hakeem a new Lyon Dynasty is on the horizon.

From prison Luscious used his pull to release a prison track, and prosecutor Roxanne Ford (Tyra Ferrel of Poetic Justice) played hardball withholding his meds until he confessed to murder. From the inside  a correctional officer with a grudge (guest star Ludacris) made his stay in prison a little less comfortable.

Luscious hires a new savvy lawyer who gets rid of the hostile guard and gets Luscious Released on a million dollar bail.Thirsty the lawyer


What were some of your favorite moments of episode 2?


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