Season 5’s Broken Kingdom Sheds Light on the Shady Arthur

LANCELOT VS ARTHURSunday night’s all new Once Upon A Time finally explains the questions we’ve all been wondering. Who should our heroes trust and How did they fail Emma?

Newly knighted by Arthur, David is certain he can trust the charismatic king but Snow White believes her friend Lancelot.  And so we are taken back to Camelot 5 years prior, to a frantic Arthur being driven to madness questing for the Dark One’s dagger in an attempt to make Excalibur whole again.

Guinevere desperate to save her husband sneaks off with Lancelot to go find it themselves. They discover that Rumplestiltskin has it hidden on an altar which protects the dagger. He refuses to give it to them but provides a magic vial containing the sands of Avalon.

The sands are known to make anything broken appear fixed. When Guin tells Arthur of her original plan to trick him, he instead uses the sand on her and the kingdom. Apparently, it is also a very powerful brain washing agent.Guinevere and Lancelot

This is most important  because Snow and Charming create a plan to discover who is really on their side Lancelot had indeed been telling the truth but using the sands of Avalon, Arthur and a brainwashed Guinevere dust the Charmings and use them to get the dagger from Regina and Robin Hood.


During the commotion and in an attempt to help Emma defeat the Evil Rumplestiltskin shoulder angel, Hook takes her horseback riding and proves they may still have a chance at their happy ending.

Henry and Violet hanging out in the stables…Emma and Hook are now aware that he had an crush.

once-upon-time-season-5Lancelot newly imprisoned discovers Merida has also been locked away. Back in Storybrooke, Dark Swan snatches Merida ‘ s heart and uses her as a puppet.

Next week: Emma will be using Merida to turn cowardly Rumplestiltskin into a warrior worthy of Excalibur while her loved ones discover the sword stashed in her basement.

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Merida OUAT

Family Secrets: Eric Jamison

man silhoutte


May 23, 2012

Name: Eric Leon Jamison

Age: 44

Career: Executive Corporate Accountant at Halo Communications

This would not be the last meaningful conversation that Eric would have with his wife. There they were, home full of onlookers desperate to gain as much information as possible from the sordid affair that had been advertised as a graduation party. Eric knew that the little town of New Bolden would talk, they’d talk about how nice the home looked and about how the hors devours were petite but classy, they’d briefly mention the swell of joy they all experienced as seeing one of the towns youth excelling. Then they would tell of the strange man who few knew personally and how after barging his way into the home, made a scandalous announcement; which Eric had unintentionally countered by making a shocking announcement of his own.

A million things were being sorted through Eric’s mind, the man who was still standing in the middle of his foyer, had just admitted to screwing his wife. This same man had also staked claim to the lost child he’d been grieving for for months. All of this aside right now he had more to think about.

Family secrets 1His future was being threatened, this afternoon, Jessica his attorney had called to let him know about Lucas Harreman being indicted. He had known Lucas for years, so the news of how corrupted the older man had been was a shock for Eric, yet somehow he knew something had always been shady about his old friend. The courts were looking for an accomplice and despite his ignorance, Eric was facing five years in federal prison for corporate crimes he’d not committed. It was comical, he had dedicated his life to providing for his family by making an honest living and now it was all in jeopardy.

Ivy’s blood curdling scream pulled him from his thoughts. Everyone ran to the TV room, finding Ivy hysterically rocking in front of the television set. The man being mentioned was a photographer at the modeling agency where Ivy modeled. She was mumbling to herself. Bloodshot red eyes stared blankly into the screen as the reporter ran down the rap sheet of New Bolden’s infamous pedophile.

Eric hadn’t heard much of the news brief and could barely understand his daughter who between sobs continued to mumble incoherently to herself.

“Ivy what’s wrong?” Regina said rushing to her side.

He would let her handle their daughter, he needed to tend to his wife’s lover. The smug intruder had been gawking at his surroundings since the verbal ping pong between he and Regina. This man who invaded his home and interrupted his evening had the audacity to be surveying the property.

“Well thanks for the show but as you may now be aware this is a bad time, so get out!” Eric demanded swiftly ushering him towards the front door.

He may have jeopardized his future with Halo communications but he refused to let this moron waltz in and take his wife. If she wanted to leave him, she’d have to meet her lover on the front steps. Slamming the door behind him and ignoring the man’s hostile remarks, Eric turned on his heels and walked pass Jessica motioning for her to follow him into the study.

“What do we need to do?” desperate pleading eyes searched the young brunettes face for a glimmer of hope.

Sadly, when she opened her mouth to speak sadness blanketed each syllable.

“There is very little we can do here Eric. You signed off on all the accounts, you were the one accounting for the expenses. Without receipts to verify that you were just documenting what Harreman gave to you, the most we can expect is a plea deal.”

The words hung in the air like a toxic fog clouding his vision. His life had been reduced to this, his reputation would be destroyed if he couldn’t come up with some sort of solution. Jessica’s voice brought him back to reality.

“We don’t have to figure this out all today, I pulled some strings with the D.A. you have about a week or so to pull together enough information to save yourself or at least to throw them off your scent. I’ll call you on Tuesday.”

The young woman placed a manilla folder on his desk and exited the room, the soft clatter of her heels echoing down the hall as she left the house. The belligerent man’s voice could no longer be heard from the front yard, which gave Eric some hope that he’d wisened up and gone home. Eric looked from the door of the home office to the manilla folder sitting on his desk, considering his options. He could lock himself in the room and attempt to make sense of the contents of the folder or, he could face the chaos that waited for him just outside that door.

Eric had been working for Halo Communications for 24 years. Working his way from the mailroom to a corner office with the aide of his friend and colleague Lucas Harreman. Lucas had discovered him as an intern and encouraged Eric to stay on after his internship was finished.

Lucas had led him up the corporate ladder, he’d owed a lot to him, though now it seemed that  Lucas was collecting on the debt. Having been caught in the towns biggest scandal since the mayor’s wife left him for their pool boy. The esteemed Harreman had gotten caught after the secretary he’d been canoodling with grew tired of the affair and blew the whistle on his shady dealings.

He’d received the bad news that he’d been implicated earlier that morning. Very few things brought him peace at home. It had been almost a year since he’d been content with his wife or his children, but, Eric took some pleasure from maintaining his car. The shiny black BMW  parked in the driveway. He had just finished washing it when his cell rang.

“Jamison here,”

Wallace University Red Files – Dodger (2015)




Cause of Death: Disemboweled by garden shears


Despite their being a clear curfew on campus in light of recent murders and a kidnapping,Dodger, twin Roger and girlfriend Chanel #5 went to Chanel O’s pumpkin patch to light some candles. The two brothers went inside the The Shining inspired maze and ran out to find Chanel #5 being attacked by the red devil wielding garden shears. For some reason the individuals present ran into the maze, trapping themselves whilst the red devil hunted them down.

During their escape Dodger and twin Roger could not agree on which direction to go and as a result started fighting.  First about the direction they should’ve run in and then about which of them Chanel #5 would choose. Against Chanel #5’s pleas to end it and run the two young men forced her to decided. Alas, she chose brother Roger and the two attempted to flee. Dodger recently dumped and looking for an out, was warned by hsi friends that walking backwards would prevent the footsteps from making sense in the snow. Unfrotunately their yelling led the Red Devil right to him and as he backtracked into the Devil’s waiting sheers his friends fled for their lives.

Wallace University Red Files – Caulfield – Dismembered


Caulfield – Random Dickey Dollar Scholar #1

During a drunken fight with two red devils with chainsaws this young man sacrificed his arms and possibly his life to save club president Chad Radwell from death. Chad had been beaten senseless with a chainsaw by the red devil and was on his way to making the blotter himself. Fortunately this guy saved the day. His status is currently unknown.

Wallace University Red Files – Haunted House Fundraiser Features Real Corpses

Hester and Chad findbodies haunted house

The campus is still abuzz about the KAPPA sponsored Haunted House for Sickle Cell that ended with police, real corpses and a missing person.

The bodies of  Agatha Bean and Shondell Washington murdered within the past few weeks were discovered in a bedroom at 53 Shady Lane during a fundraising event.  The guests, local college students, hadn’t been aware the corpses they’d been posing with were actually victims of the Red Devil; a serial killer who’s been stalking Wallace University and targeting KAPPA pledges.

Bean was found posed on a mattress beneath a giant tombstone with a self-titled epitaph. Shondell had merely been thrown in the closet on a fold up mattress. Ms Bean Corpse1

The head of missing co-ed Aaron Cowen more recently known as Coney the school’s replacement mascot, was found in the hallway leading to his body still in the Coney uniform and pinned against a wall.

Sonya Herfman affectionately known to her sorority sisters as Chanel #2, was found posed in the way she’d been displayed in previous social media posts but was visibly dead propped against the wall.

An unidentified woman known only as Mandee, former Wallace University drop out and witness to the heinous acts of 1995 was also found stabbed multiple times and then entangled in a garden hose and hung from the front of the property.

Police were notified by Zayday Williams during the event that the corpses rotting in the property were indeed not props but actually deceased human beings.The responding officer given the nature of the holiday disregarded the initial call. Ms.Williams has since gone missing and may have actually fallen victim to the Red Devil.

No missing person’s report has yet been filed on Ms. Williams, search teams are currently combing the area.

Zay Day Missing

Who Do You Think Has Zayday?




Wallace University Red Files – Gender Assault in the Cafeteria



The Chanels try to deter people from attending Zayday's haunted house.


The room applauded Tuesday afternoon as the lovely ladies of KAPPA house committed several acts of violence against two males of a fraternity here on campus.

What started as a simple sexual harassment charge quickly escalated to an all out UFC style cage fight in which one of the sisters actually smashed one of the gentleman over the head with a trash can. Though thoroughly embarrassed both young men were last seen visibly concious.SCREAM QUEENS: Pictured L-R: Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, Lea Michele as Hester, Abigail Breslin as Chanel #5 and Billie Lourd as Chanel #3 in the "Haunted House" episode of SCREAM QUEENS airing Tuesday, Oct. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Hilary Gayle/FOX.



Wallace University Red Files – Aaron Cowen a.k.a. Coney (2015)



Aaron Cowen a.k.a. Coney (2015)

Cause of Death:ChainSaw

Aaron was a nobody essentially, that is until he was promoted to Ice Cream Cone mascot a gig he earned because the red devil mascot was being used as a menacing reminder of the serial murders happening around campus. He too met his end at the hands of Wallace University’s true mascot and the red devil dispensed of his replacement by crunching Coney’s cone.

Wallace University Red Files – Boone Clemens (2015)


Boone Clemens (2015)

Cause of Death: Theatrics

Closeted homosexual, golf enthusiast and best friend to Chad Radwell, Boone’s “corpse” was discovered laid out on the dining room table like Jesus at the crucifixion, his throat presumably slashed. Though services were held Boone was miraculously resurrected like in another bible story and is apparently cooperating with the red devil.

Wallace University Red Files – Shondell (2015 ?)



Shondell of Secure Enforcement Solutions (2015)


Cause of Death: Stabbing

Murdered while playing hookie from her actual assignment in the Best Buy parking lot. Bored with the safety of the lot, Shondell went to fatburger to surprise friend and colleague Denise Hemphill on her shift at Kappa House. We may never know what truly transpired in the car that evening, what we know for certain is that Shondell was last seen on the curb in front  of Kappa; where she was thrown after being discovered with a knife in her throat by Denise.