Wallace University Red Files – Chanel #2 (2015 ?)

Chanel#2 orig (2)


Chanel #2: Sonya (Doe)

Cause of Death: Stabbed to death via Red Devil

Chanel #2 was killed while fleeing Kappa house after Chanel #1’s botched blood oath ritual. Apparently Chanel#3 has HPV making the whole thing unsafe. Evidence of the murder can be found on her cell phone where it appears she received adequate warning of the red devil’s intentions and may have had ample time to escape.  A distress call was posted on her social media at the time of her murder. Though her body was discovered by Chanl #1,3,5 and Hester a.k.a. Neckbrace, it was also transferred to the meat locker and had since gone missing.

Update as of 9/29/15

During a visit to her home Zayday and Grace discover that she has been updating her social media page with pictures but they don’t seem to be legitimate. Her parents advise that she’s been drinking again and that she too was dating Chad Radwell. Perhaps her body going missing is all a ploy?


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