Wallace University Red Files – Haunted House Fundraiser Features Real Corpses

Hester and Chad findbodies haunted house

The campus is still abuzz about the KAPPA sponsored Haunted House for Sickle Cell that ended with police, real corpses and a missing person.

The bodies of  Agatha Bean and Shondell Washington murdered within the past few weeks were discovered in a bedroom at 53 Shady Lane during a fundraising event.  The guests, local college students, hadn’t been aware the corpses they’d been posing with were actually victims of the Red Devil; a serial killer who’s been stalking Wallace University and targeting KAPPA pledges.

Bean was found posed on a mattress beneath a giant tombstone with a self-titled epitaph. Shondell had merely been thrown in the closet on a fold up mattress. Ms Bean Corpse1

The head of missing co-ed Aaron Cowen more recently known as Coney the school’s replacement mascot, was found in the hallway leading to his body still in the Coney uniform and pinned against a wall.

Sonya Herfman affectionately known to her sorority sisters as Chanel #2, was found posed in the way she’d been displayed in previous social media posts but was visibly dead propped against the wall.

An unidentified woman known only as Mandee, former Wallace University drop out and witness to the heinous acts of 1995 was also found stabbed multiple times and then entangled in a garden hose and hung from the front of the property.

Police were notified by Zayday Williams during the event that the corpses rotting in the property were indeed not props but actually deceased human beings.The responding officer given the nature of the holiday disregarded the initial call. Ms.Williams has since gone missing and may have actually fallen victim to the Red Devil.

No missing person’s report has yet been filed on Ms. Williams, search teams are currently combing the area.

Zay Day Missing

Who Do You Think Has Zayday?





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