Wallace University Red Files – Dodger (2015)




Cause of Death: Disemboweled by garden shears


Despite their being a clear curfew on campus in light of recent murders and a kidnapping,Dodger, twin Roger and girlfriend Chanel #5 went to Chanel O’s pumpkin patch to light some candles. The two brothers went inside the The Shining inspired maze and ran out to find Chanel #5 being attacked by the red devil wielding garden shears. For some reason the individuals present ran into the maze, trapping themselves whilst the red devil hunted them down.

During their escape Dodger and twin Roger could not agree on which direction to go and as a result started fighting.  First about the direction they should’ve run in and then about which of them Chanel #5 would choose. Against Chanel #5’s pleas to end it and run the two young men forced her to decided. Alas, she chose brother Roger and the two attempted to flee. Dodger recently dumped and looking for an out, was warned by hsi friends that walking backwards would prevent the footsteps from making sense in the snow. Unfrotunately their yelling led the Red Devil right to him and as he backtracked into the Devil’s waiting sheers his friends fled for their lives.


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