The Mythaven Chronicles: The First Curse

The Land Without Magic

It had been a tumultuous journey through the wardrobe. Snow had barely managed to squeeze inside before the knights converged on her. The final vision she saw of her prince was him bleeding on the castle floor. That wouldn’t be their fate, she’d beaten death to get here and now swollen in motherhood she’d survived the darkest curse of all.

Regina had failed again, stumbling from the now dilapidated tree, Snow White made her way towards the rising sun. The fresh earth beneath her toes was moist and crumbling, her nightgown as white as her name suggested was more like a tan as it collected bits of her surroundings.

Nearby a faint whimpering called Snow to rest by a nearby bush. The closer she got the more it sounded like wailing. It was young Pinocchio, terrified and bawling. Geppetto, had managed to secure safe passage for one more after all.

Now Snow had to find a safe refuge for her group. The two carried onward down the side of the dirt road, stopping at a nearby diner. The smell of food carried them closer.  The door swung open and the smell of fresh baked breads flooding the dining room, Snow had just managed to sit Pinocchio down in a nearby booth before an excruciating pain ripped through her body.

She managed to gasp for help before losing complete consciousness…


The people in the city of Indiana, Pa would remark years later of how an unidentified woman burst into the local diner by the edge of town. Dressed only in a cream colored nightgown, the pregnant woman obviously a victim of abuse had kidnapped her eldest child and run away in the night.

No one could find out who the child’s father was and as the woman went into labor she’d screamed that his name was Pinocchio. Screaming and sweating she rambled on about how she was Snow White Queen of the Enchanted Forest. At that time an ambulance had been called and they’d sedated her to keep her calm.

Baby Emma, had been born en route to Indiana Regional and the local Gazette was able to catch a photo of older brother Pinocchio smiling proudly beside her. The woman known as Snow, had been institutionalized. With no identification and given the state she’d been in when they found her the courts ruled her incompetent to stand trial and she instead was placed in the Torends Mental Facility.

Baby Emma and Pinocchio were placed in the foster care system, somewhere near Boston and so the tale was told of how Emma grew up in foster care, Pinocchio who’d changed his name to August fled the system and made a new life.

All the while Snow had been locked away in Torends, initially they’d medicated her daily. Pleading with her to reclaim her sanity. In this world, Snow White was a fairy tale character, their lives and existence was discredited as not being real.  Her fears of an Evil Queen they told her was only her mind’s way of rationalizing years of abuse.

Though she’d always known deep down that this was the true lie. Her only way of escaping her new prison would be to play along. She’d started going by Sonya Wynter. Her father widowed at an early age married a woman several years his junior and thrust her into the woman’s lap. An opportunist, the young woman was not prepared for motherhood.

The only part she didn’t feel the need to embellish was the years of actual torture; toning down the parts where Regina had literally tried to kill her. It took six long years to finally be released, and though she’d managed to finally escape; it seemed as though the Dark Curse Regina cast had indeed won out. She was in a land without magic and had managed to lose the only hope for salvation they had.

She’d contacted the social worker who been “looking after” Emma and Pinocchio and had informed her that though Emma had been adopted she was returned some time after; the woman handed Sonya a missing persons flyer the only remnant they had for Pinocchio who’d run away from his last known foster home. Emma was somewhere in Minnesota in a group home.

Snow was furious she’d worked so hard to get here only to be told that her children had been shipped off. They’d lost one and were unsure of the exact physical address of the other. This world had been filled with incompetence yet they’d held her captive for believing a truth.

“You won’t be able to have them back unless you can prove yourself a fit parent,” the social worker said condescendingly. Snow had been wearing a pair of over-sized jeans, a white t-shirt and an over-sized gray sweatshirt that zipped. Even in the spring weather she looked disheveled. The woman had a point. In this world seeing was believing.

She’d sworn long ago to change her life around finding Charming had brought out the best of her. Her days of thievery were put behind her, but in this world people hadn’t used gold and silver, only paper and a hard card like material that you swiped to get funds. She pick pocketed a few people but had managed to only procure enough money for food.

She needed to look presentable, she needed money, she needed a job. She wandered haphazardly towards, Minnesota for a few years, letting each dead end job take her closer to Emma. When she finally reached the town called Minneapolis, she was mortified to hear that she’d been too late again. Emma was now with another family, in another home.

Snow knew that this was truly the work of the curse, to have made it to this new world safely and still be without the one thing she loved the most. She wouldn’t rest until she was reunited with her daughter again, and once she had Emma safely back in her arms, together they would seek vengeance on the Evil Queen.


“Don’t worry my love, I will find you…I will always find you.”