My Netflix Addiction: Fuller House


Buzz about the Full House reboot had me exciting and worried. Not every idea is a god idea and when I heard the premise I was less than impressed. Twenty – Nine years later D.J. Tanner – Fuller, newly widowed moves back into her childhood home to raise her three sons after her firefighter husband passes.

The first episode a great reunion for the original cast, (except Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), reveals that Stephanie has become a super HOT! deejay who goes by the name of Deejay Tanner. Insert Canned Laugh Here. Kimmy Gibbler who looks much like she always has, wed and reproduced with latin lover Fernando and the two have a sassy 12-year-old.

Overhearing D.J.’s plight, being a single mom with three kids (maybe she’s being overly dramatic?) Danny, Joey, Jesse and Aunt Becky offer to stay in San Fran to help raise the children.

However, Stephanie offers to give up her jet setting lifestyle to stay and help out and Kimmy eager to move into the Tanner family home since youth leapt at the chance to move in for some added assistance.

Biggest shocker from the show so far – Stephanie revealed that she is unable to have children.

I did appreciate the tie in of the old cast with the new. D.J.’s ex boyfriend now divorced has made it clear that he wants her back and at least one of the familial elders shows up once an episode to help out or eat chicken.

My favorite part so far would be the subtle hints at Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s absence and the quirky they stare into the camera when during punch-lines. Fuller House definitely has my attention.

What’s been your favorite episode so far? Comment below!

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Fiction News – Powerpuff Reboot!



After an eleven year hiatus the girls made of sugar, spice and everything nice will be returning to Cartoon Network in April. Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken, ran from 1998 – 2005. I recall being infatuated with the girls, my favorites a split between the blue youngest child Bubbles and the tomboyish Buttercup.powerpuff-girls-2016

After seven years on air the show ended but reruns played on Boomerang. Finally in January 2014 Cartoon Network aired The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed, featuring Ringo Starr. Shortly after they revealed the Powerpuff Girls would be returning.

The original voices of our leading ladies, Cathy Cavadini, E.G. Daily and Tara Strong will not be powerpuff girlsreturning and according to Tara Strong via twitter, the idea was a “strictly creative” decision by the network;despite none of the former actresses being contacted to reprise their roles.

The new voices of our Powerpuffs are Amanda Leighton from The Fosters; Kristen Li Palamides’ of Monsters University, and Natalie Palamides of Burning Bridges. Tom Kenny will return as the voice of the Narrator/Mayor and Jennifer Hale will be returning as Ms. Keane.

Though original creator McCracken won’t be returning to the show according to According to Tom Kenny, he gave the new show his approval.

The first episode of the new series, “Don’t Call Me Princess” will air in the US on April 4th, 2016 and on Cartoon Network UK between 28 March and 16 April 2016.

Which characters do you want to see in the reboot? Let us know below!

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Family Secrets: Evan Jamison



Family secrets 2

May 23, 2012

Name: Evan Anthony Jamison

Age: 18

Career: Interior Design Intern at Bridgeman and Long Architectural Firm in Downtown New Bolden

Several thoughts flew through Evan’s mind at once. Leslie’s smile when he got accepted into school, picking out her prom dress, telling him the news.  It had never been his intention to hide this, he was proud of her and what they had done. Everything he was doing now, was to prove that he was ready and worthy to provide for her. He hadn’t done enough it seemed.

Evan realized almost not soon enough that tonight really was an evening to remember and this was merely the finale. He had always meant to tell them sooner but never got the chance. His thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Jackson’s heaping sobs.

“Janine, please come in…we’ll sort this whole mess out.” Regina came quickly down the steps. As expected his mother would come in and supervise, they would get answers, Mrs. Franklin would explain the non sense. She had to help him understand how he had suddenly lost everything.

“She had decided to come here after all, she even stopped to pick up a present. I felt that Evan should have it.” Janine placed the small box wrapped in gold paper into Evan’s tingling hand. His fingers were numb, his mind blank. A knee – jerk reaction forced his hand from his side as he gripped the small box and held it like the time bomb he assumed it was.

“Tell us what happened to Leslie, Janine,” his father’s voice sounded like a thunder-clap amidst the storm brewing in his head. He half-listened half remembered a text he’d received only a few moments earlier before bedlam erupted in the hallway and chaos reigned in the study. Leslie had mentioned she had a surprise for him, a text message much like the one he’d received five months earlier.

Evan  would never get the chance to tell his parents, that they were going to be grandparents, in a way he felt they’d deserved. He found that lately, he never had a chance to tell them anything. His mother who now lived in the far distant reaches of her own mind, was mechanically moving through life either at work, or barricaded in the upstairs bathroom. An occurrence which coincided with him finding her bawling her eyes out in front of the fireplace in the study. He had just left Leslie and had decided that he would tell both of his parents, regardless of the outcome.

The Jamison’s were a proud family, they would band together and help him through the fear and the nerves. It had been a little after midnight. He had just parked his car behind his dad’s black BMW and walked into the house when he heard a soft muttering coming from the family room. The lights had been off except for the warm glow of the firelight and he could hear his mother’s voice. She was talking in hushed tones as if she was speaking with someone but no one was around. Evan tiptoed slowly to the family room, the moonlight casting menacing shadows against the wall which looked mint green against the pale blue of the moon.

“What can I do? What can I do?” his mother muttered to herself and rocked beneath the blush silk bathrobe. She was almost chanting it, in the hushed tones of a crazy woman. She seemed possessed not just with the question, but by whatever caused her to ask it.

“Mom are you alright?” Evan asked abandoning his troubles to take on his mother’s. He’d often wished that night could’ve be different. That he’d shared his burden with her instead of harboring not only his secrets but hers as well. His mother, hair matted to one side of her head, face puffy and waterlogged beneath the cascade of tears that had danced down her cheeks. Her eyes were glazed and her voice sounded as if she’d been chain-smoking acid.

She looked up at him as if he were a stranger and that was how he felt. He’d never seen his mother that way before. Unraveled sobbing to herself, the faint smell of wine lingering on her breath as he leaned closer to hear her murmurings. Muttering nonsensical sounds to no one of any importance. He had gently placed his hand on her cheek and she broke beneath his touch, heaving hard sobs which threatened to break their silence.

They never spoke of that night and Evan never had another chance to share his news. The next day his mother decided to throw him a giant graduation party. Which ended in the study where he, his mother and father and a weeping Mrs. Jackson were now circled together raw and exposed.

“What were you two thinking?” Eric said vehemently.

Evan looked to his mother to aid him, they shared a moment that night. When he dared to hide his sins for the sake of helping her hide her own. Yet, when he looked at his mother all he saw was the broken shell of a woman. She was lost in shock…or  grief…..or  insanity. He knew now that the woman seated in the arm-chair by the firelight truly was a stranger, even in the sense of this tragedy she sat glazed and dazed with a simpleton’s smile on her face.

She giggled.

The Pet Shop – Graduation Day


Evan rose proudly as they called his name, he’d worked hard for this moment. Top of his class with more than a few job proposals lined up in the future, his plans for the summer involved endless conquests. He surveyed the crowd of beauties parading before him. The campus was large enough to house over 30,000 students. Evan was sure he’d become acquainted with most of the student body but there were a few girls scattered through he knew he’d never seen before.

Kali Samson

Sentiva Smith

Sanura Stephens

The three young women rose almost in unison, single file towards the podium. Evan noticed the one in the front first, she never looked up from beneath her brown bangs. Shook hands quickly before moving quickly down the steps. Her photo taken she seemed to vanish into the crowd. The two women behind her disappeared just as quickly.

He could spend his last few moments as a student playing detective or celebrating his achievement. His frat brothers would be waiting, surely the campus was crawling with scantily clad female graduates.

The campus had erupted, it was graduation day, it was the end of finals it was the calm before summer session started. Students both new and old spilled into the Quad in droves. Some to wish congratulations others to be apart of the party following shortly.

Each year the local night life through a weekend long series of festivities to celebrate the graduating class. This year would be no exception the class of 2016, had been the most explosive class the university had seen. Evan had single-handedly been responsible for some of the campuses most memorable moments. Like the Bikini Wrestling Wet T-Shirt event, he’d been inspired, all wet t-shirts got in for free.

His agenda, to be young, wealthy and desired. Having no family to tie him to one spot he was free to follow the money. The money would be taking him to the West Coast in September. He had a month to prep and pack.

Evan had managed to make it back to the fraternity house in record time, the mass exodus of students fleeing collegiate life  made traffic lighter than  normal during the school year. He’d earned his bachelor’s and was ready to take on the world, waiting at the red light his eyes roamed over the buffet of women passing in front of the intersection.  Amidst them all his gaze maneuvered to the young woman standing in the intersection. The unknown beauty from the ceremony. Flanked by the two women who’d been behind her, they were all animatedly chatting while crossing the street. No one turned in his direction. He’d considered lifting his foot off the brake just slightly to garner their attention. As he pondered the young woman looked in his direction.

Her green eyes were the last thing he recalled. A horn blaring angrily behind him shook him from his thoughts. He couldn’t remember her face but her eyes, had indented his brain he could feel her eyes everywhere.

The Pet Shop – Goddess Gifts


Kali packed the final suitcase. This would be the last time she’d ever see the custard colored walls again. That strange crack that mysteriously appeared by the door one day. The wine stain on her cream carpet. It was bittersweet, she’d had only a few short months after her Tribute to prepare for life away from Gaia. She’d succeeded, and those choosing to return home to the island with her would make up the new Circle of Sisters.

Completing the tribute was step one. Many had the potential to make it through the trials and out into the open. Goddesses favored their daughters simply for having the courage to sacrifice their mortal beings in an attempt for closer communion with their deities. The challenge was leaving the island and returning afterward.

The tribute was a form of graduation, quelling the young ladies of the island, preparing them for the real dangers. No longer children protected by their innocence the real world would train them to be ruthless, cunning and careful. The speech Serket blared to the crowd of on lookers, of the guard, of the inner circle riling them all. Each new ORDER marked the continuation of Gaia and the Sirens who lived on it.

Worked into a frenzy the island itself sang the celebration, not only did this order have a new Queen and High Priestess in its ranks, But this group also had the 4 temple priestesses amongst the class. These young women were predestined to be the new Circle of Sisterhood. Gaia would reward their dedication by replenishing its power throughout the island.

Their instructions were clear. By summer’s end the order would board two boats docked at the end of the island and set forward on a 4 year mission. Any woman not interested in returning to the island could do so freely but banishment was the sacrifice for remaining in the mortal world. Most defectors did so knowing that they could never return.

A knock on the door derailed her train of thought. Sanura knocked softly again before letting herself into the room.

Happy to see you’re ready to go. Sanura grabbed the heavy suticase without batting an eye lash and hoisting it onto her shoulder, carried it to the livingroom where the rest of their belongings had been properly stacked.

Glad to see four years of ROTC hasn’t made you unladylike Kali joked.

It was bittersweet, she’d learned to call the bustling city home and would be leaving forever in a matter of days. The three bedroom apartment would be a distant memory in a matter of months. The Philadelphia skyline blazed bright against the summer sun. Four years had come and gone too soon.

Kali had lived on Gaia her entire life only venturing as for as the shoreline before her tribute. After a lifetime of preparation each girl took the sacred oath, promising her body, mind and spirit to the Goddess realm and aligning herself to their will.

It was this moment that she’d thought of her fallen. Four years ago 21 girls pledged their lives to the goddesses of the temple. Only 16 girls  exited that day. Two of the fallen had actually been friends of Kali’s. Maya, daughter of Rhea gifted by Bast; had failed the room of tempation and had to be rescued to the dismay of her mother. She’d been rafted off the island as soon as she’d regained conciousness. Janay, welcomed by the island at a young age; never made it out of the temple at all. Frozen in fear, her body rejected her Goddess Magic and dissolved. Her spirit trapped in the tribute temple until the end of days.

The ceremony was not only a rite of passage but a sacred ritual intertwining the island’s magic with the goddess within. Bathing in the fire and relinquishing there humanity was a necessity. You could never access the full might of the Gods while still clinging to your earthly form. Each of the new Order now possessed the gifts and talents of a Goddess. None were compared to that of their new High Queen, Kali.

She hadn’t had a reason to use her gifts in all her years in the mortal world. She’d only been taught the one spell to get them safely back to Gaia with their cargo. In the dead of night the fog rolled away from the pier in Penn’s Landing a ship that had never been there before docked amongst the other ancient symbols of nautical prowess.

From the ship two women sent by the Queen. Kali would be leading this voyage but they were here to ensure it went as planned.


Kali and her sisters surveyed the space. They’d packed everything but their pets. Most of the Order had managed to secure and subdue their true reason for being in the mortal world. Kali hadn’t been as lucky. She was weary of choosing a slave, never having known the men on the island, the “pets” were to be seen an unheard like all other beasts of land.

Tonight that would be rectified, the Goddesses had spoken and if Kali was unable to utilize her talents to secure her first conquest. They would take over and choose for her, she had only until midnight. Only Sanura and Eva knew her secrets.

Months ago, Kali arose from her sleep and wandered through the narrow halls of the off campus apartment. She was being controlled by Sekhmet who’d taken the body out for a spin. The deity had been rading the fridge.

The true life of a Siren Queen was to give part of yourself in exchange for the gift of the Goddess. The Queens of Gaia were hosts for the Deities spirits. Sekhmet and Hathor both could control Kali’s human form.

Sanura had attempted to wake her up, but soon learned that Sekhmet’s vengeance was not something any siren wanted to face. It was revealed that night that in order to remain free Kali would have to do as she’d been instructed on the island.

Sims 4 Socialite Challenge!! Phase Two

Phase Two: Social Climber

This part of the challenge is all about moving upward. Now that you have been recognized by an club it’s time to move up the ranks and eventually take over. Ivy will be setting her sights on the crown of the Paragons.

Phase Two  (Inner Circle)

Social Climber  – You’re in the group but that won’t mean much unless you’re recogized by those who matter. Get in good with those in charge and secure your spot in the In- Crowd.

Part One – Friends and Neighbors:Have 10 Friends

  • Host a gathering (50 pts)
  • Join another club. (25pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 7 (25pts)
  • Get a promotion (25 pts)
  • Attend One Social Gathering (50pts)

Part Two – Silver Tongue

  • Become Flirty (15 pts)
  • Have 3 Romantic Interest  (50pts)
  • Befriend Leader of the Club your In (50pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 8 (75pts)
  • Have 50 acquaintances (15pts)

Part Three – It Girl

  • Have 15 friends (50pts)
  • Have 45 acquaintances (25pts)
  • Host 5 Parties (150pts)(Awards add to score, Bronze = 25, Silver =50, Gold = 75)

Phase Two Total Pts = 605

  • Plus Host First Party Bonus (Bronze = 630; Silver = 655; Gold= 680)

Click Here for Objective and Game Play

Click Here for  Phase One

My Netflix Addiction: The Hunted (2003)

The Hunted Movie Poster


One evening during movie night I found myself scouring the Netflix database trying to find something new to watch. I was in the mood for something action packed, maybe with an explosion or two. What I came across was something better. A fast paced action thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro called The Hunted.

Netflix described it as this “A retired special ops agent is enlisted to rack down an assassin with a strange proclivity he makes a sport of murdering deer hunters,” and IMDB says, “An FBI deep-woods tracker captures a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans.” Hunted fighting 1

I actually found it to be more of a cat and mouse game between Tommy Lee Jones character LT and Del Toro’s character Aaron Hallman. In true teacher VS student fashion Hallman is the rogue assassin stringing up hunters in the woods. He makes a jab about chickens being slaughtered I guess in an attempt to elude to his ties with PETA.

Overall it was a great movie. I was genuinely interested to see how it all played out in the end. I think the description for the movies don’t really provide insight into what you’ll be watching.

hunted training 1It’s more along the lines of “A retired tracker is enlisted to help put down a rabid former recruit who he trained, who’s gone on a killing spree in a small hunting town while escaping persecution for his Black Ops crimes.”

It was Directed by William Friedken known for his work on movies like “The Exorcist,” “The French Connection” and “Rules of Engagement” another moving also starring Tommy Lee Jones. It was written by David and Peter Griffiths known for movies like Collateral Damage.

If you find yourself in the mood for some action and have yet to see this film Definitely check it out!


Free Write #3: Graduation

The room hadn’t been on any training courses because she could never be prepared for what she was seeing. She’d made it through the Temple through a room only the destined could open. Her future had been ordained before she’d even started the challenge. Her body was being pulled forward. As Kali neared the center of the room her body warmed and the walls surrounding her began to glow a faint blue the heat intensified as her feet moved closer.

She’d somehow ended up outside. Her body pulsed forward past her sisters, faces proud at what she’d accomplished. Music swelled in the distance. The sea of bodies parted for her, they’d been surrounding a ring of fire.

“The final tribute is before you, relinquish your robes and cleanse thyself in the fire.” This had been the final testament. If she truly believed in all the island stood for then she would offer her body as a vessel to one of the great ones and intertwine their souls as one. She would cleanse herself in the fire and be reborn a DemiGoddess Kali Sekhmet Neteru.

She’d been dreaming of this her entire mortal life. Kali would assume the powers bestowed upon her by the Goddesses and she would lead a new life as Queen of the Sirens. She removed her robes revealing an intricate working of tatoos and marks. The priestesses had decorated her body prior to entering the Tribute temple.

Now the markings began to glow, a soft liquid indigo scrolled a pattern across each design, freckles of gold began dotting her flesh a pearlesque fog rolled into the circle at Kali’s feet.  The smoke coiled itself around her body flooding first her nostrils and then her lungs. The smoke a suffocating smog of magic writhed it’s way through every fiber of her being. Kali was thrust to the ground, on all fours she felt her body morphing and changing. Her eyes glowed a crystalline amber and gold fire; her skin, completely scribed in hieroglyphics had been cycling through a variety of patterns, she’d gone all furry and on all fours screaming in agony a feral growl escaped the new Queen’s lips.

Her mother watched from her the throne. Moving now would disrupt the circle of tribute and could kill young Kali, who seemed to be dying either way. She clasped her palms, silently praying the Goddesses would be pleased with Kali’s sacrifice. If they rejected her soul and did not align with her magic the human known as Kali would shrivel to dust.

Serket had known worse things than exile. She’d witnessed an aligning not go as planned. The Young Moirai, attempting to take her place as Demi – Goddess of destiny. Her Predecessor Ananke the true deity had not blessed the ascension and did not gift her the power. Instead young Moirai’s body wilted under the strain, without the Goddesses’s talents to sustain her, her body withered to a dried husk. Her bones crumbled and littered the island as dust covers the temple floors.

This had been a few short years after she’d ascended and taken her place on the island. Serket had known life outside of Gaia. She had lived amongst the mortals in her youth and agree that all of her daughters would spend at least one year in that world.

Gaia should be a choice, not everyone was worthy of being amongst the Isle. She longed to intercede. Kali’s shrieks changed from human to carnal before finally subsided. Her body lay in a heap as the white smoke ebbed away from her unmoving form.

The Guard edged the crowd farther away. There’d had never been a being who’d completed ascension and still combusted but no one was will to take that chance. They’d never seen a sister endure an ascension as strangely as Kali had. She was different and it was clear.

Serket looked first in terror than in amazement. Kali had been gifted not only by Hathor but by Sekhmet as well her physique had been marked on the shoulder by a pair of Golden horns, but over her breast lay the paw print of the mighty Sekhmet who would not be denied. The markings were the only remnants of the nights events.

As dawn approached, the women of Gaia knew this day was a day of celebration.

#ShowsWeLove Character Spotlight: Jake Ballard


NSA Director Jacob Hamilton “Jake” Ballard

Jake Ballard Scandal

Every woman has fantasized about dating a spy. Olivia Pope has had the privilege to both work beside and bed  both the leader of the free world and his super spy frenemy Jake Ballard. We all remember his inception into our lives, originally sent to spy on Liv by none other than president Fitzgerald Grant.  Island in the sunKidnapped, tortured and held captive by her father, Rowan Pope a.k.a. Command. Slave to her womanly prowess. Ballard has been in the center of the romantic drama since his very first scene, so often is he portrayed as the puppy dog pining for Liv that we forget he’s a CIA black OPS hitman for the now debunked B-613.

Behind those dreamy baby blues, lies the soul a genuine serial killer and Shonda made sure we remembered that with Season 5’s return episode “It’s Hard Out Here For A General”.

Liv and Fitz split during the winter finale, I’m sure we all have our reasons for why but none was more prevalent than the “secret abortion” they tried slipping by us towards the end of the show. Fast forward six month’s and you’ll notice that Jake has weaved his way back into her bed.  Though it seems he still wants to be there for her emotionally, she seems content to only call him when she requires his physical presence.

We learn during dinner with Papa Pope, that he and Jake are now BFF’s. Though strange, remember, that someone other than Jake, Liv, Fitz and Huck is trying to kill Rowan for his many shady dealings while command. jake-ballard-on-scandal

Liv’s new client, head of the NSA  Lt. Diane Peters has become aware that someone hacked into her home computer, the content they stole was about a NSA op called Project Mercury, which details how the NSA had spied on world leaders.It clearly seems that her new boy-toy is responsible and Pope and Friends start the search for where he could’ve gone with her flash files.

When the story leaks to the press about Project Mercury, the White House also joins the hunt for the whistleblower “Billy” and Fitz enlists the aid of none other than Capt. Jake Ballard. They briefly discuss Liv in which Fitz admits they hadn’t spoken and Jake denies that he’s actively poking her.

Jake BallardThe hunt for Billy ends at his apartment where Pope and Associates arrive just in time to find Jake who though not in possession of Billy does have access to his cell phone. With no clue of Billy’s location and proof the file was stolen from her home computer, (a place it should never be) Diane is under investigation and a spot at the top conveniently opens for the new NSA Director.

As the episode comes to a close we come to a few realizations. The episode was all about power and the struggle for it. Liv’s break up cost her more than just Fitz, but also, without those connections Diane will certainly be replaced. This becomes more obvious as Fitz announces that Jake Ballard will be taking over as head of the NSA.

We think back to his reunion at “Billy’s” apartment and note that they found him not tracking Billy but hiding his body in a fridge. The inside hack job, any B-613 operative could’ve easily pulled off, but what was most important from this episode is that Jake is not one to underestimate.

Tonight’s show reminded all of us, that Jake was a force to be reckoned with and his robotic behavior in the presence of Eli”Rowan” Pope is nothing short is spooky.  His climb to the top as head of NSA in last night’s episode is what makes him our #ShowsWeLove Scandal character of the night.


Who should be next week’s #ShowsWeLove Character Spotlight for Scandal?

Let us know who you pick below!

Sims 4 Socialite Challenge!! Phase One

Phase One: New to Town

This challenge is all about making it from the bottom. Once you’ve built your lot and made our Sim, it’s time to get started. I’ve created my character. Her name is Ivy Carrington she lives in the mini mansion complete with 2 pools and a spa in the basement. M plans for her are to make her a yoga instructor, but feel free to play as you wish. Both Ivy and the Mini Mansion have been uploaded to the gallery.

Phase One (Wanna Be)

New to town  – New to town you are an unknown. No way you’ll make it to thetop of theheap if you don’t make your mark in this town. Phase One is split into three parts.

Part One – Outsider: Introduce yourself to at least 10 sims.

  • Purchase “How To Be A Successful Socialite” – §2500 (25pts)
  • Join at least one club. (25pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 3 (25pts)
  • Find a Job
  • Attend One Social Gathering (50pts)

Part Two – New Comer

  • Practice pick – Up lines (15 pts)
  • Have 3 Friends (50pts)
  • Start Social Network (50pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 6 (75pts)
  • Have 25 acquainances (15pts)

Part Three – Familiar Face

  • Have 5 friends (50pts)
  • Have 30 acquaintances (25pts)
  • Attend 5 Social Events (75pts)
  • Host First Party (Awards add to score, Bronze = 25, Silver =50, Gold = 75)

Phase One Total Pts = 480

  • Plus Host First Party Bonus (Bronze = 505; Silver = 530; Gold= 555)

Click Here for Objective and Game Play

Click Here for Phase Two