Free Write #2

Each room had been harder than the last. Kali regretted scoffing at the first challenge. Her morals tested, her will bent. Not every women was worthy to behold the power she was being given. The door to the next room sealed behind her, the wall faded through the floor and there was nothing.

Suddenly she felt imprisoned. Luminescent beacons hovered above her lighting the path. She’d walked a similar layout many times before sometimes blindfolded. This time was different,there was a pending sense of danger looming in the distance. Many had failed this part of the test. Their remains now littered the stone floor beneath her. If she survived she would take her place among the guard and would be one step closer to claiming what was rightfully hers.

The caverns traps were unforgiving and she knew that to stay alive she’d have to stay alert. A heady aroma wafted from the next room. She’d proven she could be a warrior but now she had to prove she could be much more.

She’d been warned that the tribute would challenge her deepest fears and darkest desires but she’d never expected anything like this. Immediately Kali began to regret not choosing the shield. The amulet and staff would do nothing for her in this room.

It smelled of heat and longing. This room showed you what you longed for most. Kali who’d never known a man growing up on the island had only her fantasies to squelch her curiosity. Surrounding her on every side was a man in every shape and size. All transfixed on her, waiting for her to be their Queen.

Her wish to complete her Tribute and reign as Queen on the island was no secret. In this room the slaves bent to her will, she’d already won. Her servants literally kissed the grown she walked on. It was clear how others had failed this test before. Why venture forward when everything you craved was at your finger tips. The smell flooded her nostrils, the flowers vibrant colors meant only for decoration had released pheromones into the air. Each spore stripped Kali of her will to find a way out..

She’d become the enslaved. Never leaving this room forever cursed to walk among other failures. The room was never designed to combat anxiety. It’s only purpose was to create pleasing imagery, the only thing that could please Kali now was a clear path to the door. The harem separated leaving a clear walk way to the other end of the room. She’d managed to make it through temptation.

“A true queen puts things into perspective; it is not only what is in front of you but what is beyond that.” The ethereal voice echoed through clearing.

This room had not been identified. The satchel she’d brought with her seemed lighter than before. The artifacts she’d been using had vanished, though Kali knew she hadn’t made it from the Temple.

Darkness shrouded every surface. She felt blinded in this room. There had to be an escape every room had been a challenge to test the depths of your soul. Only the strong of will would make it out alive. Kali would not be the first in her family to fail. But this room had not been a part of the training.


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