The Mythaven Chronicles: The First Curse

All Hail the Queen

The violent violet fog enveloped the Enchanted Forest blanketing all who were near in its toxic grasp. The destination would be a place without magic, where there couldn’t possibly be happy endings for the simpering inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest. It didn’t matter that Snow had managed to escape with the child, where they’d be going no one would follow. The town of Storybrooke, Maine seemed as mundane as any other Hamlet. Without magic the townspeople were merely boring drones moving from one menial task to the next. A side effect of the curse was that they’d all repeat the same day over for all eternity accept Regina of course, and the Dark One who’d created the curse.

For years she’d managed to find contentment knowing that here she’d finally won. News of a pregnant woman wandering into a rural diner and being imprisoned in an insane asylum came by word of Gold who of course had managed to gain insight into the world around them. Snow White had managed to lose her prince, lose her child and would surely perish in a cage in this new land. The added bonus of the salvation, being lost in the realm gave Regina the closest feelings to happiness she could fathom.

Eighteen long years had gone by and gradually, overtime Regina simply got bored with her toys. She found herself experiencing a nagging feeling as if something, somewhere was amiss. No longer did she feel like taunting the comatose man in the emergency ward. He’d never respond. Regina knew who he really was, Prince Charming, frozen in a sleeping curse caused by his mortal wound during the battle that brought them here. A more fitting torture would be living out his existence as her servant; if he ever awakened he most certainly would.

Months crept by and soon Regina recalled the words of her teacher, “Magic comes with a price dearie,” Rumple was a clever imp. The price for her revenge was the heart of the thing she loved most. Her beloved father, crushing it left a void no matter of vengeance could fill. She could no longer relish her captives torment. She required something to give her true peace.  Regina wandered through town, finding herself at the school. It was recess and children were loudly screaming, dashing from one spot to the next. The ache in her heart pulsated and in that moment Regina knew what she had to do.

Her present was a harsh reminder of the decisions she’d made in the past. The emptiness of her womb, the love lost to her forever. The land without magic had for years kept her amused but now she longed for the release of a spell to undo her hardships. She heard slowly approaching the sound of a cane clattering against the cold sidewalk. The jaunty grin parting his lips alerted her of a pending deal she knew the Dark One would offer. The void in her heart sang out her request.

“A heart is a terrible thing to waste, dearie.” Mr. Gold as he’d been called in this world chirped menacingly.

She’d rolled her eyes an beckoned him closer, he’d promise to fill her void long ago. Regina could only wait until he was ready to reveal what would help. He’d seen how she still clutched the handmade bracelet in her palm. Known it belonged to a child Regina could never call her own. Rumple would only need her to agree to allow him to leave, he’d be able to procure for her a child all her own in theory.

Regina certain no other prospects would solve her ache, permitted him to do so. Soon Regina would have everything, a docile kingdom of loyal supplicants and a child to love who would love her in return. Her loneliness lifted for a moment at the possibilities.

Gold limped off with his signature grin painting his lips. He’d waited much longer than she for this day. It’d felt like millenia since he’d set off a chain of events that led him to this world. A few more couldn’t possibly hurt one as old as he.


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