Free Write #3: Graduation

The room hadn’t been on any training courses because she could never be prepared for what she was seeing. She’d made it through the Temple through a room only the destined could open. Her future had been ordained before she’d even started the challenge. Her body was being pulled forward. As Kali neared the center of the room her body warmed and the walls surrounding her began to glow a faint blue the heat intensified as her feet moved closer.

She’d somehow ended up outside. Her body pulsed forward past her sisters, faces proud at what she’d accomplished. Music swelled in the distance. The sea of bodies parted for her, they’d been surrounding a ring of fire.

“The final tribute is before you, relinquish your robes and cleanse thyself in the fire.” This had been the final testament. If she truly believed in all the island stood for then she would offer her body as a vessel to one of the great ones and intertwine their souls as one. She would cleanse herself in the fire and be reborn a DemiGoddess Kali Sekhmet Neteru.

She’d been dreaming of this her entire mortal life. Kali would assume the powers bestowed upon her by the Goddesses and she would lead a new life as Queen of the Sirens. She removed her robes revealing an intricate working of tatoos and marks. The priestesses had decorated her body prior to entering the Tribute temple.

Now the markings began to glow, a soft liquid indigo scrolled a pattern across each design, freckles of gold began dotting her flesh a pearlesque fog rolled into the circle at Kali’s feet.  The smoke coiled itself around her body flooding first her nostrils and then her lungs. The smoke a suffocating smog of magic writhed it’s way through every fiber of her being. Kali was thrust to the ground, on all fours she felt her body morphing and changing. Her eyes glowed a crystalline amber and gold fire; her skin, completely scribed in hieroglyphics had been cycling through a variety of patterns, she’d gone all furry and on all fours screaming in agony a feral growl escaped the new Queen’s lips.

Her mother watched from her the throne. Moving now would disrupt the circle of tribute and could kill young Kali, who seemed to be dying either way. She clasped her palms, silently praying the Goddesses would be pleased with Kali’s sacrifice. If they rejected her soul and did not align with her magic the human known as Kali would shrivel to dust.

Serket had known worse things than exile. She’d witnessed an aligning not go as planned. The Young Moirai, attempting to take her place as Demi – Goddess of destiny. Her Predecessor Ananke the true deity had not blessed the ascension and did not gift her the power. Instead young Moirai’s body wilted under the strain, without the Goddesses’s talents to sustain her, her body withered to a dried husk. Her bones crumbled and littered the island as dust covers the temple floors.

This had been a few short years after she’d ascended and taken her place on the island. Serket had known life outside of Gaia. She had lived amongst the mortals in her youth and agree that all of her daughters would spend at least one year in that world.

Gaia should be a choice, not everyone was worthy of being amongst the Isle. She longed to intercede. Kali’s shrieks changed from human to carnal before finally subsided. Her body lay in a heap as the white smoke ebbed away from her unmoving form.

The Guard edged the crowd farther away. There’d had never been a being who’d completed ascension and still combusted but no one was will to take that chance. They’d never seen a sister endure an ascension as strangely as Kali had. She was different and it was clear.

Serket looked first in terror than in amazement. Kali had been gifted not only by Hathor but by Sekhmet as well her physique had been marked on the shoulder by a pair of Golden horns, but over her breast lay the paw print of the mighty Sekhmet who would not be denied. The markings were the only remnants of the nights events.

As dawn approached, the women of Gaia knew this day was a day of celebration.


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