Sims 4 Socialite Challenge!! Phase One

Phase One: New to Town

This challenge is all about making it from the bottom. Once you’ve built your lot and made our Sim, it’s time to get started. I’ve created my character. Her name is Ivy Carrington she lives in the mini mansion complete with 2 pools and a spa in the basement. M plans for her are to make her a yoga instructor, but feel free to play as you wish. Both Ivy and the Mini Mansion have been uploaded to the gallery.

Phase One (Wanna Be)

New to town  – New to town you are an unknown. No way you’ll make it to thetop of theheap if you don’t make your mark in this town. Phase One is split into three parts.

Part One – Outsider: Introduce yourself to at least 10 sims.

  • Purchase “How To Be A Successful Socialite” – §2500 (25pts)
  • Join at least one club. (25pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 3 (25pts)
  • Find a Job
  • Attend One Social Gathering (50pts)

Part Two – New Comer

  • Practice pick – Up lines (15 pts)
  • Have 3 Friends (50pts)
  • Start Social Network (50pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 6 (75pts)
  • Have 25 acquainances (15pts)

Part Three – Familiar Face

  • Have 5 friends (50pts)
  • Have 30 acquaintances (25pts)
  • Attend 5 Social Events (75pts)
  • Host First Party (Awards add to score, Bronze = 25, Silver =50, Gold = 75)

Phase One Total Pts = 480

  • Plus Host First Party Bonus (Bronze = 505; Silver = 530; Gold= 555)

Click Here for Objective and Game Play

Click Here for Phase Two


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