Sims 4 Socialite Challenge!!

I’ve been addicted to the Sims for as long as I can remember. I have played every installment there is back to the original days when Bella and Mortimer were young and 2 Dimensional. Even then you could tell the love was never really there…

Anyway, the Sims4 has a book called “How To Be A Successful Socialite” which seemed like a cool side game to play. You had the social butterfly aspiration as a child, and could use charisma skill. I’d truly hoped they’d adding something special. Unfortunately the book was basically useless and in fact if the charisma skill is too low merely bores your sim.

When I learned of the Sims Community a treasure trove of people like myself whom also enjoy the wonderful game I love; Shocked to find that people had created their own challenges. I decided to make my socialite idea a thing!

So I’m testing it out.

It’s a work in progress so bear with me. Feel free to comment ideas if you have suggestions. 🙂

Sims 4 Socialite Challenge

Objective: Using the Sims4 Get Together Expansion Pack. Guide your sim to the top of the Social Ladder by joining a group and rising to the top taking over as leader

  • Bonus Pts. for creating your own group afterwards.

Game Settings

  • Aging on for challenge
    • Short Lifespan (150 pts)
    • Normal Life Span (100 pts )
    • Long Life Span (50 pts)
    • High Free Will

Choose to live solo or w/ roommates.

Cannot Move off of lot, Lot must be large enough to house a pool, jacuzzi and social entertainment.

Party or Social Events Must be recorded to be scored.

Careers/Professions are unrestricted but there are some jobs that will earn you more points. Others will earn you no points as they wouldn’t be useful to an aspiring Socialite.

Scoring will be explained at the end.

  • # of sim day it took to reach the goal.
    • Move-In Day counts as Day 1.
  • Sim Must be Young Adult

Aspirations (Acceptable for Scoring)

Popularity  (300 pts)

  • Friend of the World
  • Joke Star
  • Party Animal

Love/Romance (150 pts)

  • Serial Romantic

Knowledge (150 pts)

  • Computer Whiz
  • Renaissance Sim

Fortune (300 pts)

  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Mansion Baron

Family  (200 pts)

  • Successful Lineage

Deviance (75 pts)

  • Public Enemy

Food (150 pts)

  • Master Chef
  • Master Mixologist

Creative (150 pts)

  • Best Selling Author
  • Musical Genius
  • Painter extraordinaire

Athletic (150 pts)

  • BodyBuilder

Careers (Acceptable for Scoring)

When you reach level 6 calculate your score. You do not need to Max out your career, however; add 25 pts. to score each additional level until you reach level 10. Add 10 pts each promotion afterwards. Am currently unsure how this impacts GET TO WORK retail jobs.

  1. Athlete (100 pts)
  2. Business(50 pts)
  3. Culinary(100 pts)
  4. Entertainer (100 pts)
  5. Painter (100 pts)
  6. Tech Guru (50 pts)
  7. Writer (100 pts)
  8. Yoga Instructor (100pts) *Spa Day Retail Lot

*Possible Criminal (a la Bad Girls Club or Mob Wives) {50pts}

Jobs are necessary to fund the “Lifestyle” you may not be unemployed but you may be self -employed.

Via Get To Work – You may be a doctor(50 pts), Scientist (50pts) or own your own Retail Store (75pts)  ONLY!!

All other jobs generate a score of 0 and so you won’t earn points for employment.


No skills cheats. (It’s pretty impactful on the challenge)

Reach Charisma level 10 (1,000 pts)

Cannot complete challenge until Charisma level 10.

Must Have 100 Acquaintances, 50 friends, 25 BFFs (175 pts)

Clubs (Acceptable for Scoring)

Avant Gardes (100pts)

Paragons (100pts)

Renegades (100pts)

Garden Gnomes (50 pts)

Knights of the Hedge (50pts)

Partihaus (75pts)

Powerhouse (50pts)

Spin Masters (75pts)

The Good Timers (75pts)

Upper Crusts (50 pts)

You can make your lot as amazing as you want. The objective is all in the game play.

 Click Here for  Phase One

Click Here for Phase Two


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