My Netflix Addiction: The Hunted (2003)

The Hunted Movie Poster


One evening during movie night I found myself scouring the Netflix database trying to find something new to watch. I was in the mood for something action packed, maybe with an explosion or two. What I came across was something better. A fast paced action thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro called The Hunted.

Netflix described it as this “A retired special ops agent is enlisted to rack down an assassin with a strange proclivity he makes a sport of murdering deer hunters,” and IMDB says, “An FBI deep-woods tracker captures a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans.” Hunted fighting 1

I actually found it to be more of a cat and mouse game between Tommy Lee Jones character LT and Del Toro’s character Aaron Hallman. In true teacher VS student fashion Hallman is the rogue assassin stringing up hunters in the woods. He makes a jab about chickens being slaughtered I guess in an attempt to elude to his ties with PETA.

Overall it was a great movie. I was genuinely interested to see how it all played out in the end. I think the description for the movies don’t really provide insight into what you’ll be watching.

hunted training 1It’s more along the lines of “A retired tracker is enlisted to help put down a rabid former recruit who he trained, who’s gone on a killing spree in a small hunting town while escaping persecution for his Black Ops crimes.”

It was Directed by William Friedken known for his work on movies like “The Exorcist,” “The French Connection” and “Rules of Engagement” another moving also starring Tommy Lee Jones. It was written by David and Peter Griffiths known for movies like Collateral Damage.

If you find yourself in the mood for some action and have yet to see this film Definitely check it out!



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