Sims 4 Socialite Challenge!! Phase Two

Phase Two: Social Climber

This part of the challenge is all about moving upward. Now that you have been recognized by an club it’s time to move up the ranks and eventually take over. Ivy will be setting her sights on the crown of the Paragons.

Phase Two  (Inner Circle)

Social Climber  – You’re in the group but that won’t mean much unless you’re recogized by those who matter. Get in good with those in charge and secure your spot in the In- Crowd.

Part One – Friends and Neighbors:Have 10 Friends

  • Host a gathering (50 pts)
  • Join another club. (25pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 7 (25pts)
  • Get a promotion (25 pts)
  • Attend One Social Gathering (50pts)

Part Two – Silver Tongue

  • Become Flirty (15 pts)
  • Have 3 Romantic Interest  (50pts)
  • Befriend Leader of the Club your In (50pts)
  • Reach Charisma Level 8 (75pts)
  • Have 50 acquaintances (15pts)

Part Three – It Girl

  • Have 15 friends (50pts)
  • Have 45 acquaintances (25pts)
  • Host 5 Parties (150pts)(Awards add to score, Bronze = 25, Silver =50, Gold = 75)

Phase Two Total Pts = 605

  • Plus Host First Party Bonus (Bronze = 630; Silver = 655; Gold= 680)

Click Here for Objective and Game Play

Click Here for  Phase One


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