#ShowsWeLove – Criminal Minds Episode 16 -DEREK

This episode was all about the power of the mind. After Morgan is abducted, he goes to his happy place to avoid the pain his captors will inflict on him.  As they torture him on the outside, Danny Glover a.k.a Derek’s father, guides him through the inner workings of his mind. The BAU is on high alert having one of their own snatched. The kidnappers who have him are working on waking him from his self-induced coma. Morgan however, is trying to figure out why his father is his spirit guide.

His father of course replies that he could be there to help ease him to the other side, help him hold onto life or help him figure out how he ended up on the other side of a BAU kidnapping case. As Derek has a flashback to (Nov 7th, my bday) mini Derrick watches his father getting gunned down while trying to help a woman being mugged.

After a touching emotional break through, his father advises that the men who’ve kidnapped him want to break him and to hold out for them to make a mistake. His father promises to stay with him and even helps him attempt a daring escape waiting until he’s been untied to make his move.

The neighbors have no news on Morgan but Garcia discovers that the CIA has abducted Derrick. While J.J. calls in a favor, Morgan actually wakes up in the cabin, having successfully murdered his captives, he tries to gather himself. Stealing clothes, a cell phone with no signal and a knife. Morgan gets to take a little revenge while interrogating the ring leader.

The plan was for him to have never been found!

Stranded in the cabin and badly burned he tends to his wounds and returns back to his father inside his mind to endure the pain from mending the red phosphorus.  A few more painful memories and Morgan and his father are joined by Garcia who uses his brain as her computer and CMS11 - 1116_ Derek - Promo 10helps him figure out that he was abducted by torturers and when he regains consciousness he discovers the one man he left alive has a phone and has called for help.

The UNSUB swallows an important part to the phone and we fade to commercial as Morgan screams the question we’ve all been trying to figure out…

Why are they doing this and who wants Chocolate Thunder buried?

criminal-minds-season-11-episode-16 MorganIn SAW like fashion, Morgan has to dig through the man’s stomach to pull out the sim card only to find the phone has a password.  His father comes to calm him down and they get back to the case. In one scenario he died in the cabin, he never has a chance to say goodbye. His father snaps him out of it and Morgan redials the last number dialed on the SAT phone.

The team heads in his direction and he and the mystery man on the phone have a pissing contest while they triangulate his signal. Mystery terrorist assures Morgan he’ll be a corpse when the BAU actually finds him. He did arrive first, but with 13 minutes left in the show and a surprise pregnancy, we just knew Morgan was making it to the next episode.

That was until he flat lined on the operating table. A touching father son moment and Derrick is shuffled back to the mortal coil where both his lovely ladies were sleepily waiting. Savannah hadn’t had a chance to tell him she’d been pregnant because fresh from his real coma he ruined the surprise. Now that he’s been knocked around a bit and  she’s knocked up, he finally proposes.


Final Question: Why Morgan and what did they want from him? Guess we’ll have to find out in two weeks


What did you think of tonight’s episode?


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