Socialite Challenge:Chapter One – New Comer

Ivy Covington

The life of an heiress, Ivy Covington finds herself sleeping in after a long night of partying at a local bar.  She’s met lots of people but has yet to actually begin her journey to socialite stardom. When she does get up she’ll be getting the book for  “How To Be A Successful Socialite”.02-27-16_10-15-47 PM

After a quick breakfast and some light cleaning, Ivy sat down and cracked open the book. It was about the size of a magazine and rambled about social climbing and success. The book was a bit out of her depth and instead, Ivy grew tense and worried.

She’d made some new friends but her place in their lives were temporary. A good socialite was articulate and poised. Finishing the menacing How To book, she decided to practice on her speech. Making progress with her diction but still stressed from the horrible reading experience, Ivy went outside to do some yoga.

The time she spent in the yard gave her a chance to clear her head. Ivy enjoyed yoga so much that she wished she could work make it her career. 03-01-16_8-57-18 PMUnfortunately there was no real way to do that, she needed to figure out how to make some money to support her lavish lifestyle.

Paola McCann invited her to a dance party at the Van Haunt estate. Walking into the party gave Ivy a confident feeling. She and Paola became friends that evening and she was introduced to Noel Bleu an aspiring novelist and Jade Rosa a member of another local group who loved to party.  Ivy left the party early, but woke up the next day to a text from Mila inviting her and other new members to the Shrieking Llama for a “gathering”. Ivy accepted and finally made it into the clubhouse of the “Good Timers”

A few rousing games later and she was ready to head home.

Ivy is ambitious sim and her unemployment status was beginning to bum her out. As an heiress she has nor real skills, wellness isn’t useful for any jobs and though she is charismatic, not enough to talk her way into a salary position. Ivy is infatuated with the spotlight, entertainers get to spend their days meeting new people.

She had no real skill in anything but getting into the entertainment field was surprisingly easy. Anyone with enough money now a days could do it and she had loads of it.


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