Sims 4 Socialite Challenge!! Phase Three

Phase Three: Well Known Sim

This is the final stretch for the Socialite Challenge. Your sim should have enough friends and influence to take over any club he/she wants which is great, because that’s exactly what you now need to do.

Sim About Town

Part One – Celebutante: Your objective is to max out your skills and host some great parties in the process

  • Reach Charisma Level 10 (50pts)
  • Upload Viral Video (25pts)
  • Host A Gathering, Earn 500 perk pts. (25 pts)
  • Host a House Party – Achieve Gold Medal (50pts)

Part Two – Someone To Meet

  • Club Handshake Using Perks (25pts)
  • Have 15 Friends (50pts)
  • Club Vibe Using Perks (50pts)
  • Host Black and White Party – Gold Medal (50pts)
  • Have 50 acquaintances (20pts)

Part Three – Top Of The Heap

  • Reach Level 10 Career (50pts)
  • Negotiate a raise  (25pts)
  • Host a Gold Level Party (75pts)
  • Take over the Club you’re in (100pts)

Phase Three Total Points = 595

Bonus Round (Optional)

Form Your Own Club

Now that you’re the Queen/King Bee, you can do what you want. In true socialite fashion, you must move on to the next big thing and that of course will be whatever you decide. Form you’re own club and make it the best. This bonus round is complete when you’ve (traditionally) achieved enough club perks to unlock and update

  • Club Outfit
  • Club Vibe
  • Club Skill Boost
  • Club Handshake
  • Club Status
  • Club Size
  • Club Management
  • Club House

The clubhouse you design should have everything your members need to earn you perks during gatherings.


Let me know what you’ve thought of the challenge in the comments below.

Click Here for Objective and Game Play

Click Here for Phase One

Click Here for Phase Two



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