Coming Soon! – Captain America: Civil War (Special Assist Trailer)



We’re all waiting with bated breath for the newest installment in the Captain America franchise. If for no reason other than to watch Chris Evan and Robert Downey Jr. hit each other while dressed up like super heroes.

By now we all know the premise. After the Avengers save the world AGAIN, they’re contacted by politicians who have complaints about the damage they’ve left in their wake. (As if there’s a tidy way to knock a robot through a building)

The government requested a political presence involved to direct the team. However, this new adjustment causes a problem.

Captain America and Iron Man have been dying to fight each other since the first Avengers movie, their differences split the team in two; with Captain America wanting no government interference and Iron Man suggesting they do include the government in there operations.

The rest of course is worked out with their fists, the part I’m most interested in seeing.

To keep us panting Marvel recently released a new trailer for the movie. Watch through the end for a sneak peek at the special assist who will also be featured in the new movie.


Check out the new trailer below!


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