The old well hadn’t been used for many years. The rotted wood that covered it’s opening had weathered another brutal winter and had bowed in the drying of the new summer sun. Alicia pushed aside the foliage that caged the makeshift cover, shoved the lid over the end and peered inside.

It was dark and reeked of mildew but there was no denying the well was a facade. Alicia craned a leg over the cool rocky surface and began her dissent down the hidden staircase. Water dripped in the distance, echoing eerily through the space.

Alicia felt a chill as she sank beneath the earth, curiosity propelled her forward. This stairwell  had been blocked and hidden for a reason, no map on the trails revealed its location and had she not fallen while running she herself would’ve continued by it.

There was a warmth she could start to feel, lights at the base of the stairs, there was only one path to follow she was getting closer. The silence surrounding her rang in her head one never end absentee note.

“What A Wonderful World in Vaunderlend” the subtle voice echoed in her head only.

At the base of the stairs was a wooden door, old and worn like the wooden cover of the well. A warm breeze crept through it’s splintered planks. Alicia inched closer and as she did, the distant dripping grew louder like the crash of waves.

Alicia tried pushing the door open, but it appeared to be locked. Light eeked through the cracks of the wood, daylight was coming, she’d been out all night.


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