Origins – Hades

Hades 1


King of the Underworld, God of Death and Riches. The greek personification of the DEVIL. In mythology Hades is vengeful oldest sibling of Zeus, Poseidon and Hera often plotting to overthrow the Olympians for his occupation as guardian of the undead.

hades 2In early mythology Hades was born first and regurgitated last, his coup with Poseidon and Zeus freed the cosmos from Titan rule. Zeus was given the Air, and Poseidon the sea, leaving the Underworld for Hades and GAIA a neutral zone.

As we all know Hades was never satisfied with the task set before him and in most modern interpretations of the myth feels unjustly saddled with the underworld desiring instead to rule Earth/Gaia.

His realm in the underworld is known for the three-headed guard dog Cerberus, the ferry-boat on the river Styx,Hades 3 his Helm of Darkness and Bi-dent (it only has 2 prongs). Hades has been  depicted as treacherous, even succumbing to kidnapping his wife and Queen Persephone daughter of Demeter.

Greek mythological history paints him as a passive force. Neutral in behavior every action seemed to be for the sake of keeping balance. Realistically, he was the warden of souls, callous and cruel but fair. No soul was worth more than another.

He is sometimes seen as unappreciated and overworked his primary concern is always his kingdom.

Hades 4Recent interpretations in books have shown him as both a villain and an anti-hero

Hades most recent transformation has occurred on ABCs Once Upon A Time as a villainous tyrant in the underworld causing Havoc for the heroes.

His name is used to describe darkness and death, DC Comics used Hades as a moniker for their villain Darkseid a being who truly personified evil.

Where else can you find Hades?

#FunFact:In Roman Mythology the god of the underworld is known as Pluto.

Hades 6

#ShowsWeLove Fun Fact: Hades is Bo’s father in the final seasons of Lost Girl


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