The Wonderland Legacy – Intro

Naomi and Tamar Hollister

This legacy started out as my attempt at actually completing a Sims challenge from the many found on the database. The original plan was to play the Wonder Child Challenge. You create two adult age sims and make them procreate. The child first child born to them is the “Wonder Child” one parent must stay home while the other works. Their lives revolve completely around the well-being and success of this child.

I come from a pretty traditional home, that was my upbringing anyway so half way through the game I got bored, made them have another child and watched as the story progressed with a Wonder Child and a normal sibling.

I found myself falling in love with the family and really willing them to succeed. The children are running the board now but in keeping with the theme of my original purpose I made the Wonderchild the primary while his sister has become a side game.

Here is the tale of Naomi Morris and Tamar Hollister two participants in the Wonder Child experiments who found love and created a legacy.


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