Wonderland Legacy – Love At First Sight 1.2

05-05-15_11-17 PMNaomi and Tamar bonded over their loneliness, he too had wanted a family for a long time. He was in search of true love, though in Willow Creek, his home time the sim with money was the sim to be wed. He was a comedian, who spent his down time reading and taking things apart.

Naomi laughed at his candor, she felt like she could really be herself with him.

The weeks went by and Naomi found herself falling for Tamar. One evening out on the town the two shared their first kiss. It’d had been a month since they’d moved in. They had all the time in 05-05-15_11-14 PMthe world to know each other better after the treatments started.

Tamara and Naomi decided to take on traditional roles. If they were lucky enough to succeed and since one parent had to stay home, Naomi would be homemaker and Tamar would find a job.  His career as a comedian wasn’t enough to put food in their mouths and the $500 monthly stipends for participating in the program were just enough to pay their bills.

Naomi took to her role as homemaker like a pro. All she’d ever dreamed of was being a wife and a mother, traits her earlier lovers found overwhelming, but Tamar loved the idea of coming home to someone eager to see him.

05-06-15_9-57 PM-2She spent her free time in the garden and came to really enjoy the time spent caring for her flowers.

Tamar decided he would take his love of video games to the next level and become a Tech Guru. At this he excelled, getting a promotion his first few days on the job, the added money was more than he imagined and he decided the best way to spend it would be on an engagement ring!05-17-15_1-20 PM

Newly engaged and with less than a week before the fertility trials. Naomi and Tamar tied the knot alone in the kitchen of the Lab House. Marriage was not mandatory for the experiments to continue but the powers that be were pleased, the two had truly committed to the program.

With that last formality out-of-the-way, they were ready to try for the wonder baby.



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