Wonderland Legacy – New Home, New House Mate 1.1

Naomi Mason was 30, single and living in a one bedroom apartment alone. Not even the stray cats on the neighborhood wanted her love. Desperately hearing her maternal clock ticking, she’d considered freezing some eggs so that she would still have a chance. It was by fate she found the Help Wanted ad in the paper.

SimsCorp is willing to pay handsomely for participants ages 30 or older, who are single but would like children. All inquiries should be made03-16-16_6-41-46 PM to SimsCorp directly at the address found at the bottom of this article.

Naomi was single, 30 or more and wanted children. She knew she had to call.

The receptionist wasn’t very pleasant. She barely made eye contact while Naomi waited to be called. A thin man with coal-black hair and wire rimmed glasses came out and called her name and sherescued her from the flat silence.

“Ms. Mason, you would be perfect for this program and we could have you moved in this afternoon if you wouldn’t mind signing this waiver.”

Naomi immediately scrolled her name on the bottom and stood to take her leave.

“Here are the house keys, of one of our lab facilities, you guys are project A, your partner and lab mate should already be at the residence. You should get acquainted, we’ll be doing the fertility treatments in a few months.”

Naomi nodded absent-mindedly, she was just so happy  to be accepted in the program.  In such a pleasant mood, the bus ride to her apartment was brief. She was shocked to see that a moving van had already arrived and that lab techs were labeling boxes of her things.

It had been part of her agreement, she would vacate her current residence and move into the Lab house. Where under supervision she and her lab mate would start the experiments. It all happened in the blink of an eye.

She arrived at the Lab house after a brief drive out of the county. The one bedroom flat, had a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a sitting area. There was a final room with a desk which the doctors would use for home visits.

Her lab mate a 35-year-old man with multiple tattoos, had already arrived. He was a free spirit always looking for himself. His name was Tamar he wanted children but hadn’t found time to meet someone who shared his interests. This program seemed like an interesting way to meet the future mother of his child. It seemed like a sweet deal.

The fertility treatments would start in two months. Naomi was excited but wondered secretly how she would raise a child with a stranger…


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