Wonderland Legacy – Fertility Trials and a Wonder Child is Born 1.3

05-17-15_1-33 PMTwo months into the experiment, newlyweds Tamar and Naomi Hollister are woo-hooing as scheduled. They’d been locked in the bedroom more in the past two months than either had in their entire lives. If they were successful a new life would begin.

All the effort paid off and Naomi happily informed Tamar that she was finally pregnant. They had 05-17-15_1-56 PMsucceeded in the first part of the project. Tamar feeling nervous thought he’d read up on a few baby books. Naomi decided to relax and take things easy. Neighbor Vivian from across the street would come and sit with her some days, just to keep her company.

Naomi was beginning to will the baby out of her. With each days passing her body grew more swollen and more foreign. Until one bright morning, Naomi felt a tug and some moisture on her sheets.

Tamar had worked late and was resting, the immediate series of jabs to her spinal cord sent Naomi flying from the bed. 05-17-15_2-42 PMIt was as if her body was being torn in two. She screamed for Tamar who’d proven he could sleep through the apocalypse. He remained unmoved. 05-17-15_5-28 PM-2

Tamar awoke to Naomi shrieking in pain, he immediately jumped from the bed threw on his clothing and rushed to the hospital. His nerves were shot, her screams of agony terrified him. What had they truly done?

Naomi begged Tamar to stay for the delivery, he objected but couldn’t help but cave. His pregnant wife of 2 months was giving birth to their first child. The reason for them being together. The wonder child. The process in which a child is delivered was more complex then he had originally imagined. 05-17-15_5-55 PM The books he read mentioned nothing about strapping the woman in an iron lung and whipping her in the side with a giant whisk. The canola oil, the machine squirted every few moments, was allegedly to assist in lubricating the birth canal.

05-17-15_6-01 PM-2

After several long hours, mostly spent crammed in a corner terrified of seeing something scarring. Tamar inched closer to meet his son, Mason. Naomi decided it would be fitting that the newest Hollister have a piece of her as well.  05-17-15_6-01 PM-5They’d successfully brought a wonder child into the world.  Now all they had to do was raise him!


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