It had been destined. Their souls often found each other sooner or later. Stood to reason they’d find each other now, on the eve of every major breaking point they always seemed the symbols of a change. Sometimes for the best, others signaled the end.

He was always the rebel, brutish and vulgar daring those foolish enough to take their stand against him. He was always poised for battle, his bloodlust taking over long ago. She his catalyst a being of creation, in her lived all the beauties of mortal life and all she touched were changed for the best.

The two together would build civilizations through time, but their great power was often coveted by outsiders who couldn’t understand.

She would always be the spark that ignited the flame; he, the blade to end it all.

Mali believed in freedom but thought creation was the start of change, wars only caused devastation, who would live to tell about the battle if all had perished fighting it?

Horus was a rebel his was a life on the edge, every moment had been a struggle. There were horrors in this world that once seen could never be unseen. He still had nightmares of the real life monsters that roamed the mortal coil.

Fate had crossed their paths as always. She had been running late to class, covered in paint and carrying arm fulls of books, her back pack had lost both straps and she was staggering to right her belongings while still shuffling her feet. Pre-occupied with her present dillemma, she hadn’t noticed the young man walking in her direction.

He’d been staring into the horizon thinking, about nothing and everything at the same time. When the young woman absent mindedly walking his way slammed into him, dropping all of her things. He would usually have stepped to the side but curiosity had struck him, he wondered if she would slam into him if he stayed his course. She had…


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