Wonderland Legacy – Mason the Early Years 2.1

05-23-15_11-06 AM-2


Mason’s first few years were a breeze. Naomi’s decision to stay home allowed her to dote on the child. When he was sleeping she would garden and work on a few recipes. She’d started to take an interest 05-17-15_6-25 PM-3in cooking, more than she had before. She had agreed to stay home with Mason but maybe she’d find a career in cooking once he started school.

Tamar had loss interest in his tech career. There were only so many video games you could play before your eyes bled. He found peace  in his home and his son. The two bonded before Mason was even old enough to speak.

The years had flown by and soon it was Mason’s birthday. Giving birth to the wonderchild was one thing, but raising him had been another. Each birthday needed to be special.05-23-15_10-44 AM He was officially of school age and would be leaving the house the following Monday to attend Willow Creek Elementary.

Naomi felt a strange tug in her chest. She’d been hosuebound for the past few years, caring for Mason assuring he was well prepared for success. She was excited for the possibilities of the future. She would start searching for cooking jobs, something part time.

05-23-15_10-23 AMTamar’s response to Naomi working was a mixture of excitement and praise. He was happy she’d found something else to look forward to since Mason would be leaving school. He too was having second thoughts about his job, he wanted to write. It seemed easy enough and he could do it from home.

They had an agreement. Naomi would start her job search on Monday after Mason left for school and Tamar who had secretly quit his Tech job last week, would start his new job at Walrus books later that week. They threw Mason a birthday party!


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