The Ache – An excerpt from the Novel Globes Disease

Quake_and_Diana_GD_the_AcheQuake & Diana Ragnorock

Author: Lance Oliver Keeble

Quake woke up sweaty. His pajama bottoms were drenched and stuck to his skin. The fire in his lungs felt like the first drag on a cigarette. He had awakened in a panic, gasping for air. He inhaled slowly and deeply, in an effort to cool the inferno in his chest. The desire was overwhelming, and his whole body ached with the need for satisfaction. He could feel the pull of the moon and his humanity fighting against it. His brain throbbed from the rush of testosterone and adrenaline. There was a burning in his chest and the heat raced through the chambers of his heart. He was exhausted, fatigued and jittery all at the same time. He felt excruciating pain and uncontrollable lust from lungs to loins. Quake’s nerves sparked and he hungered for flesh. His skin was pyretic to the touch. The cravings, which resembled what an addict might feel after days of sobriety, were primal, sexual and untamed. Quake concentrated on his breathing and held on to himself through the fervor, trying to control it. Quake looked at his beautiful wife as she slept. Usually she was up when he had these moments. “She must be as exhausted as I am,” thought Quake. Obviously, she had watched over him the whole night. He thought, as she lay there with bed covers haphazardly exposing all his favorite parts, “For a woman just over 50 she rivals any of the Pixie’s tempting me at the electronics stores”. To Quake, Diana was sexier and far more gorgeous. His body could not resist her and watching her sleep increased his desire for her. Quake knew that sex would delay his impending transformation. The Institute told him it had something to do with hormones or something like that. Hell, all that mumbo jumbo was too complicated. Quake did not want to think, He wanted to bury himself in Diana, flesh-to-flesh.

Diana felt Quake’s eyes on her and rolled over to look at him. She could see the turmoil raging in him; she anticipated and cherished these moments. Diana loved it rough every now and again. She smiled and thought, “Well, it is for the sake of science”. The big lummox was the love of her life. Through thick and thin, good and bad, she believed they would survive it all. They had so far. His blondish red hair was always a mess. He was a broad, solid man and handsome in a Nordic God kind of way. She loved every inch of him and most of the time he was romantic and sweet. However, during the gibbous moons, she welcomed the galvanizing variation from his usual tenderness. It took her days to heal, but it was oh so worth it. She leaned in and kissed him. “You have a rough night, Quake? It’s early and breakfast needs to be made, but we could work up a big hunger”, Diana purred. Diana climbed on top of him, letting her gown fall off her shoulder. She gave him a half smile, leaned in and kissed him again.


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