Blu Moon Fiction Editorial Services


Proofreading services – $3/page

Copy – editing services – $4/page

Content Editing services – $7.50/page

Content Editing Services + Revisions – $10/page

Complete Manuscript Review – $18/page

Proofreading Services – Check documents for simple and complex errors. Spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Proofreading, done after book is formatted. This is the last stage before the page layout file goes to the printer. Focus on finding any overlooked misspellings and typographic errors, along with checking the accuracy of page numbers, the table of contents, running heads, labels and captions on figures tables and other inserts. Formatting issues are also caught at this stage, e.g., bad breaks due to hyphenation, too much or too little word spacing and/or line spacing, widows (a single word on a line by itself) and orphans (a short or last line of a paragraph on the top of a page), as well as inaccuracies in running heads or page numbering. Fee: $3/page

Copy-editing Services – Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style. Focus on grammar, syntax, sentence structure, accurate word choices, verb tense, capitalization, punctuation, missed and repeated words, paragraph and sentence length. (may suggest reorganizing chapter titles or subheads.) Prepare a style sheet of word preferences and specific rules for the manuscript. Fee: $4/page

Content Editing Services – Looks at the manuscript from a “big picture” viewpoint. Focuses on the message, while making sure the manuscript is well-written. Is the theme or plot of the book well-developed and organized? If it is a novel, is there good story-telling and snappy dialog? Does the story move at a good pace? Are the characters original and believable? Are the sub-plots well-integrated? With both fiction and non-fiction, are there contradictions, inconsistencies, factual errors or discrepancies? Is there an introduction and conclusion? Is the book written for the right target market and will it grab attention? (may review and return the manuscript to the writer with suggestions to re-write, move, cut or add sections) Fee: $7.50/page

Complete Manuscript Review – The complete package for authors on a deadline. The package features: copy-editing in digital format, primary content editing in digital format. Secondary copy editing of manuscript (post revision), Secondary content edit of manuscript, (post revision) final proof read before release. Fee: $18/page

*We appreciate your business and humbly ask that you retain our services 60 – 90 days before your publication date.

PDF Printable  – BMF Editing Services

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