Tuesday Writing Prompt 

We’d been standing in front of the gilded door for 45 minutes. Dane, was the best lock expert I knew if he couldn’t break in without an explosion we were in big trouble.

I’d been commissioned to retrieve a minor female, child of diplomats, captured in a raid on her parents caravan. Leil only recently opened its borders to the outside and there was no surprise when word reached the palace that she’d been taken.

We’d battled the bandits who’d taken her, the commander who’s sent them. The young guard, the old guard and had finally reached the palace of Wraith. 

Wraith was a sorceress and leader of a faction dead set on keeping the borders of Leil closed. The girl was merely a bonus, she’d been after the second item I’d been sent to retrieve.

 An amber talisman.

That was if we could get inside. Before I knew it, Dane was pushing me to the ground. A large explosion shook the surrounding cavern.

“Guess you were tired of waiting,” I said pushing him off of me.


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