Wednesday Writing Prompt 

We’d been drenched, the remains of our victims dripped from the ceiling our weapons and my hair.

At least we were able to complete our assignment. Killian Trousou was a jokester but he had the best aim of our squadron

We were the only ones left. The last lone of defense and earth’s only hope.

2032 saw the culmination of three deadly virus. The Pareses a virus that causes it’s host to crave hemoglobin. Lycerea a monthly occurrence of psychosis that turned it’s host rabid and a final infection we could only call the plague. Reanimation was certain however, complete cognizance never returns. Walking incubators for the germ they housed.

The earth had been split into sections based on which disease impacted your area. I was assigned the task of dispatching the hoards.

Killian had been sent as my backup. He’d ascended  multiple plaguers, and was known for being best at collecting the others. Our scientist were working on a cure for those ailments.

I wiped the black slime from the side of my face. I’d need a long hot shower after this night.


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