Blu Moon Fiction – Unboxing: T.A.G Dolls


Inspired by the culture of her people. Reesema Cooke started That African Girl dolls after seeing a lack of representation of melanin skin tones for little girls of color. “When i see little girls of color/ ethnicity playing with Caucasian dolls i start to wonder. Do we not have enough representation of ourselves in the doll at the store?” That question set the seamstress/entrepreneur to task at creating a doll line that was one of kind while still encompassing all of the Black Girl Magic we hold dear.  T.A.G Dolls are for those little people that want a doll that looks like them.

I discovered the line during some dress shopping for my besties wedding. One of the bridesmaids is the owner of T.A.G. As soon as I saw the handcrafted dolls I knew I had to have her make me one. So I requested she make me the Noel Bleu doll.

My Doll is wearing blue shades, a blue velour jumpsuit, matching bow and blue sneakers. Her skin color is chocolate and her hair is ombre blue. Pre-Made dolls like mine are $30. She offers custom doll options between $40 – $50 and free shipping on all purchases.