Family Secrets: Evan Jamison



Family secrets 2

May 23, 2012

Name: Evan Anthony Jamison

Age: 18

Career: Interior Design Intern at Bridgeman and Long Architectural Firm in Downtown New Bolden

Several thoughts flew through Evan’s mind at once. Leslie’s smile when he got accepted into school, picking out her prom dress, telling him the news.  It had never been his intention to hide this, he was proud of her and what they had done. Everything he was doing now, was to prove that he was ready and worthy to provide for her. He hadn’t done enough it seemed.

Evan realized almost not soon enough that tonight really was an evening to remember and this was merely the finale. He had always meant to tell them sooner but never got the chance. His thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Jackson’s heaping sobs.

“Janine, please come in…we’ll sort this whole mess out.” Regina came quickly down the steps. As expected his mother would come in and supervise, they would get answers, Mrs. Franklin would explain the non sense. She had to help him understand how he had suddenly lost everything.

“She had decided to come here after all, she even stopped to pick up a present. I felt that Evan should have it.” Janine placed the small box wrapped in gold paper into Evan’s tingling hand. His fingers were numb, his mind blank. A knee – jerk reaction forced his hand from his side as he gripped the small box and held it like the time bomb he assumed it was.

“Tell us what happened to Leslie, Janine,” his father’s voice sounded like a thunder-clap amidst the storm brewing in his head. He half-listened half remembered a text he’d received only a few moments earlier before bedlam erupted in the hallway and chaos reigned in the study. Leslie had mentioned she had a surprise for him, a text message much like the one he’d received five months earlier.

Evan  would never get the chance to tell his parents, that they were going to be grandparents, in a way he felt they’d deserved. He found that lately, he never had a chance to tell them anything. His mother who now lived in the far distant reaches of her own mind, was mechanically moving through life either at work, or barricaded in the upstairs bathroom. An occurrence which coincided with him finding her bawling her eyes out in front of the fireplace in the study. He had just left Leslie and had decided that he would tell both of his parents, regardless of the outcome.

The Jamison’s were a proud family, they would band together and help him through the fear and the nerves. It had been a little after midnight. He had just parked his car behind his dad’s black BMW and walked into the house when he heard a soft muttering coming from the family room. The lights had been off except for the warm glow of the firelight and he could hear his mother’s voice. She was talking in hushed tones as if she was speaking with someone but no one was around. Evan tiptoed slowly to the family room, the moonlight casting menacing shadows against the wall which looked mint green against the pale blue of the moon.

“What can I do? What can I do?” his mother muttered to herself and rocked beneath the blush silk bathrobe. She was almost chanting it, in the hushed tones of a crazy woman. She seemed possessed not just with the question, but by whatever caused her to ask it.

“Mom are you alright?” Evan asked abandoning his troubles to take on his mother’s. He’d often wished that night could’ve be different. That he’d shared his burden with her instead of harboring not only his secrets but hers as well. His mother, hair matted to one side of her head, face puffy and waterlogged beneath the cascade of tears that had danced down her cheeks. Her eyes were glazed and her voice sounded as if she’d been chain-smoking acid.

She looked up at him as if he were a stranger and that was how he felt. He’d never seen his mother that way before. Unraveled sobbing to herself, the faint smell of wine lingering on her breath as he leaned closer to hear her murmurings. Muttering nonsensical sounds to no one of any importance. He had gently placed his hand on her cheek and she broke beneath his touch, heaving hard sobs which threatened to break their silence.

They never spoke of that night and Evan never had another chance to share his news. The next day his mother decided to throw him a giant graduation party. Which ended in the study where he, his mother and father and a weeping Mrs. Jackson were now circled together raw and exposed.

“What were you two thinking?” Eric said vehemently.

Evan looked to his mother to aid him, they shared a moment that night. When he dared to hide his sins for the sake of helping her hide her own. Yet, when he looked at his mother all he saw was the broken shell of a woman. She was lost in shock…or  grief…..or  insanity. He knew now that the woman seated in the arm-chair by the firelight truly was a stranger, even in the sense of this tragedy she sat glazed and dazed with a simpleton’s smile on her face.

She giggled.

Family Secrets: Eric Jamison

man silhoutte


May 23, 2012

Name: Eric Leon Jamison

Age: 44

Career: Executive Corporate Accountant at Halo Communications

This would not be the last meaningful conversation that Eric would have with his wife. There they were, home full of onlookers desperate to gain as much information as possible from the sordid affair that had been advertised as a graduation party. Eric knew that the little town of New Bolden would talk, they’d talk about how nice the home looked and about how the hors devours were petite but classy, they’d briefly mention the swell of joy they all experienced as seeing one of the towns youth excelling. Then they would tell of the strange man who few knew personally and how after barging his way into the home, made a scandalous announcement; which Eric had unintentionally countered by making a shocking announcement of his own.

A million things were being sorted through Eric’s mind, the man who was still standing in the middle of his foyer, had just admitted to screwing his wife. This same man had also staked claim to the lost child he’d been grieving for for months. All of this aside right now he had more to think about.

Family secrets 1His future was being threatened, this afternoon, Jessica his attorney had called to let him know about Lucas Harreman being indicted. He had known Lucas for years, so the news of how corrupted the older man had been was a shock for Eric, yet somehow he knew something had always been shady about his old friend. The courts were looking for an accomplice and despite his ignorance, Eric was facing five years in federal prison for corporate crimes he’d not committed. It was comical, he had dedicated his life to providing for his family by making an honest living and now it was all in jeopardy.

Ivy’s blood curdling scream pulled him from his thoughts. Everyone ran to the TV room, finding Ivy hysterically rocking in front of the television set. The man being mentioned was a photographer at the modeling agency where Ivy modeled. She was mumbling to herself. Bloodshot red eyes stared blankly into the screen as the reporter ran down the rap sheet of New Bolden’s infamous pedophile.

Eric hadn’t heard much of the news brief and could barely understand his daughter who between sobs continued to mumble incoherently to herself.

“Ivy what’s wrong?” Regina said rushing to her side.

He would let her handle their daughter, he needed to tend to his wife’s lover. The smug intruder had been gawking at his surroundings since the verbal ping pong between he and Regina. This man who invaded his home and interrupted his evening had the audacity to be surveying the property.

“Well thanks for the show but as you may now be aware this is a bad time, so get out!” Eric demanded swiftly ushering him towards the front door.

He may have jeopardized his future with Halo communications but he refused to let this moron waltz in and take his wife. If she wanted to leave him, she’d have to meet her lover on the front steps. Slamming the door behind him and ignoring the man’s hostile remarks, Eric turned on his heels and walked pass Jessica motioning for her to follow him into the study.

“What do we need to do?” desperate pleading eyes searched the young brunettes face for a glimmer of hope.

Sadly, when she opened her mouth to speak sadness blanketed each syllable.

“There is very little we can do here Eric. You signed off on all the accounts, you were the one accounting for the expenses. Without receipts to verify that you were just documenting what Harreman gave to you, the most we can expect is a plea deal.”

The words hung in the air like a toxic fog clouding his vision. His life had been reduced to this, his reputation would be destroyed if he couldn’t come up with some sort of solution. Jessica’s voice brought him back to reality.

“We don’t have to figure this out all today, I pulled some strings with the D.A. you have about a week or so to pull together enough information to save yourself or at least to throw them off your scent. I’ll call you on Tuesday.”

The young woman placed a manilla folder on his desk and exited the room, the soft clatter of her heels echoing down the hall as she left the house. The belligerent man’s voice could no longer be heard from the front yard, which gave Eric some hope that he’d wisened up and gone home. Eric looked from the door of the home office to the manilla folder sitting on his desk, considering his options. He could lock himself in the room and attempt to make sense of the contents of the folder or, he could face the chaos that waited for him just outside that door.

Eric had been working for Halo Communications for 24 years. Working his way from the mailroom to a corner office with the aide of his friend and colleague Lucas Harreman. Lucas had discovered him as an intern and encouraged Eric to stay on after his internship was finished.

Lucas had led him up the corporate ladder, he’d owed a lot to him, though now it seemed that  Lucas was collecting on the debt. Having been caught in the towns biggest scandal since the mayor’s wife left him for their pool boy. The esteemed Harreman had gotten caught after the secretary he’d been canoodling with grew tired of the affair and blew the whistle on his shady dealings.

He’d received the bad news that he’d been implicated earlier that morning. Very few things brought him peace at home. It had been almost a year since he’d been content with his wife or his children, but, Eric took some pleasure from maintaining his car. The shiny black BMW  parked in the driveway. He had just finished washing it when his cell rang.

“Jamison here,”

Family Secrets: Ivy Jamison

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May 23, 2012

Name: Ivy Renee Jamison

Age: 14

Career: Freshman at New Bolden High/ Part – time Youth Model

Ivy heard the familiar sound of her parent’s bedroom door closing. She remembered a time when their room had been a shining light she could see through the hallway. It opened up the upstairs and made her feel safe knowing her parents were always available to steer her in the right direction. Those days were over now. She could not recall the last time she’d been able to talk for more than five minutes with either parent. They turned their backs on her, casting her aside for more important things like money and work and secrets.

Ivy knew all too well about secrets, being the youngest no one wanted to talk in front of her as an attempt at keeping her a child, innocent and pure. Their unwillingness to treat her as a valued member of the family had left her vulnerable; and she could not be left untainted. Her virtue had been corrupted and nothing would change that. She had seen too much, whispered conversations echoed through her bedroom walls many a night leaving her with unanswered questions with no one to turn to for guidance.

Where her family lacked, another filled the void. Someone who truly cared about her well being and her safety. Someone who never forgot to make sure she arrived home safely, someone who picked up her every phone call. Hassan had always had time for her, he was always there to answer any question; he supported her dreams and showed her a life her family felt she was too young to experience.

He made her feel loved once. Now she felt like her heart would beat its way out of her eye sockets. After everything they shared and everything he promised her, how could he just shoo her away like a stray alley cat? She wouldn’t be shut out, too many people had thrown her away without so much as considering the effect it would have on her.

She reached for her cell phone which lay as cold and lifeless on the bed as she had felt when she threw it by her pillow. She just needed to hear his voice, if he picked up that meant that he still cared for her and that he just wanted space. She could give him that, a little distance would only make their love stronger. She didn’t care about his past or how wrong people would think their relationship was. No one could stop her or she would tell, she would tell the only secret she knew. She would tell about mommy’s special friendship with her the man at her jobyoung woman. She would tell how she’d been dropped off at the studio months ago; and how no one was there when she was introduced to the agencies newest photographer, Hassan Franklin. She would tell them that it was their fault she had fallen in love with him.

Ivy sat on the plush bed reliving the horrors of that Saturday. She’d been content with life in general, she’d just had a birthday and was off to do a job most kids would kill for. The life of a young model was always one of excitement. The work wasn’t as easy as it looked on TV. She had to exercise all the time and mommy never let her eat junk food like she did Evan. Her parent’s always treated Evan better than they treated her. Her father more so than her mother. Her father never saw anything good coming out of her career. Models made good money, but even that was not enough for her dad.  He refused to even come near the studio where she worked, he’d never so much as been to one photo-shoot.

It was that reason she’d been alone that Saturday, being eyed conspicuously by the 29 -year – old photographer who no one had thought to background check before allowing him to work around children.

He didn’t look that old to Ivy, Hassan looked closer to her brothers’ age and he’d be going to college in a few months. Even then he looked pretty young, he had long black dreads that dragged across his back as he moved. His emerald eyes glowed beneath the lense of the camera burrowing their way into her teenage soul. He licked his lips drinking her in as she modeled the newest summer looks the studio had set out for her.

At the time, his gaze made her feel uneasy. No one had ever looked at her that way before. The look was a hungry penetrating stare that she felt deep in her stomach. It made her squirm. The studio director gave her a brief reprieve from his torturous gaze. She wanted to run away, she wanted to tell her mom. But what could she tell them, that the new photographer looked at her funny? No one would take that seriously, no one ever took her seriously.

Ivy opened her call log and reviewed the recent number; aside from a few classmates, all calls were from him. She quickly pressed his name and waited for the sound of his voice. The seconds dragged on forever as her heart dropped with every passing ring. He would not be picking up this time, he’d said he wouldn’t. Anger flooded her veins, she would not be abandoned again.

She had loved him and gave all of herself at his whim, he would not; could not forget she existed like her mother had the day they’d met. Her mother, her living idol, had deserted her. Skittering off under the guise of running errands, a trend she’d picked up only a few months prior.

They had always discussed what to do if an emergency popped up or Ivy finished her session early; she would call her mom’s cell and wait in the lobby of the rehab center where Regina worked.

Ivy relived the day in her mind, thinking back to how uncomfortable she felt at first when Hassan put the camera down on the stool behind her. She remembered how her skin prickled at his touch as he re-positioned her on the sofa she’d been standing in front of. His breath had been warm on the back of her neck, Ivy remembered how it gave her the creeps.

“You have a very exotic look Ivy, you could definitely pose for more than just kids pictures.”

The comment had been whispered seductively in her ear as if he was sharing a secret meant for her alone. Ivy hadn’t known what to make of it. The closest she’d ever come to someone coming on to her had been Ethan Miller in home room. He would leave a paper heart cut-out on her desk every Friday morning. This was different, this felt foreign, wrong and mildly exciting.

Family Secrets:Regina Jamison



May 23, 2012

Name: Regina Nicole Wilkes (Jamison)

Age: 42

Career: Doctor of Physical Therapy at The Hughes & Mansfield Rehabilitation center in Downtown New Bolden

Regina looked out the window to see her sons car pulling out of the driveway. He had been one of few things she’d managed to do correctly. Her marriage was a lie, her relationship with Ivy had whittled away and she was slowly losing control of her will power. Opening the red oak stained desk in the study she pulled out the menu for this evening’s party. A copy had been sent over yesterday by the caterer to confirm the final changes she’d made.  Quickly dialing the number she’d elected to discussing it with the woman over the phone since emails hadn’t been that effective. She blamed herself, her mind had been elsewhere these past few weeks.

It was getting harder and harder to make decisions these days and the lack of sleep wasn’t improving her judgement. She’d begun misplacing client files at work, if she didn’t pull herself together soon she knew that someone at work would catch on to her growing habit. She’d manage to wean herself down to four pills a day, just enough to keep her peppy. silhouette - womanAt night she’d only take two pills just enough to lull her into another empty, sleepless stupor. Eric, consumed in work as usual had no inkling of the change she’d undergone. She was no longer the optimistic, care – free woman she was when they’d met. Now plagued by guilt and the knowledge of all her deeds she was a walking vessel of shame.

The menu looked perfect, a fact the caterer seemed almost too eager to point out. Cheap but elegant appetizers leading to an exquisite main course followed by a mouth watering dessert. She’d been anxious all last night pouring over the alterations in her mind. This was her only son, her eldest child; following in his parent’s footsteps and choosing a career path. A momentary swell of excitement and happiness flooded Regina’s heart as she thought of all the possibilities Evan could have. All the mistakes he could avoid, mistakes like the ones she’d made.

The buzzing of her cell phone shook her from her reverie, and rolling her eyes at the caller she quickly pressed the ignore button. She knew the number well, many nights her heart and libido spiked at the sight of the number and the man it represented. She’d quickly dress and lie her way out of the house to answer the call of the number now flashing once more on her screen. But guilt would no longer allow her to chase the allure of the man calling her now. She could never again speak to him the way she had before, but Devin Baker was not the kind of man to simply walk away from something he wanted.

A point he made clear the last time they’d spoke. A truth he’d proven time and time again since they’d ended their affair. He would hold her in his arms again, he would have her as his wife.

The buzzing turned into beeping as phone calls became text messages of him proclaiming his love for her and pleading for them to meet. She knew that if she didn’t respond soon he’d begin calling the house again. Somehow he’d managed to find her number each time they’d changed it. She couldn’t risk her husband answering the phone, who knew what Devin might say, or worse if one of the children answered; all the questions she’d be accountable for.

Regina snatched the phone from the desk and blocking the number quickly punched in the number once again flooding her call screen.

“What do you want Devin?”

“You sound tense, you really need to watch your blood pressure Regina.”

The silky deep tone of the man on the other end gave Regina chills, his smooth baritone once sent shivers to the deepest part of her loins but now it made her skin crawl with an uneasiness she’d never felt before.

“I asked you not to contact me for anything other than work, it was the agreement we made when we ended our social business… hold on.”

Jamison Family:Prologue

Jamison home true

May 23, 2012   11:45 am

The sun shone brightly on the middle home of Blossom Circle in the quiet town of New Bolden, USA. The rays bounced off of the copper colored brick that made up the Jamison home. The resident’s from inside shuffled quietly through the halls each starting on their separate tasks for the day. Today would be full of family, food and friends. The Jamison’s could afford such a lavish gathering and today would be cause for such an outpouring of funds because the eldest child Evan, fresh from high school has been accepted into college at Coulter university and was offered a full scholarship.

Regina, matriarch of the shuffling family scurries from her bedroom and quickly heads downstairs to start on breakfast, a busying tasks to settle her nerves and stave off the restless feeling that is growing in the pit of her stomach, sleepless nights have begun to take their toll on her and the increasing dependence she has on her sleeping medication is starting to affect her behavior.  After starting the coffee pot she scurries upstairs to the master bathroom where she finds her solace, a  newly refilled prescription of Cymbalta. After quickly washing the tiny blue and yellow pill down, she quickly goes down to the study to check on the final details of the party with the caterer.

Hearing the final door close; Ivy, the youngest of the Jamison clan with packed bag and coat in arm heads down the trellis of her bedroom window and hides in the bushes. Their she waits as her father washes the car, frantically checking her cell phone for the latest text from Hassan.

Receiving a phone call on his cell, Eric heads into the house abandoning the task of washing his car for another time. The number is from his attorney, filled with slight panic he heads for the study only to find his wife in the office correcting the caterer on the menu. She’s changed it four times since the party planning began, and he can’t help but notice how erratic she’s been for the past few months. Briefly, he envisions the broken look on Regina’s face when the doctor informed them of her miscarriage. He wished more than anything that he could have erased her grief and eased her pain. She had been so distant before news of her pregnancy, and after, it had been as if he’d found the woman he’d married again. Now she was always locking herself in a room, shutting herself off from everyone including him. He smiles at his wife, quickly noting the distant look in her eye and heads for the bedroom. Passing his son Evan in the hallway, Eric enters the bedroom and locks the door.

Evan bounds down the stairs, his mind is racing as he prepares for work grabbing the packed lunch his mom left him on the counter. His only thought being finishing up in time to check on Leslie before he has to come home for the graduation party. Leslie missed graduation, too sick to show up, they had to mail her diploma home. A ping of guilt runs through him as he thinks about how pale she looked the last time he was there, tear stained cheeks and pleading fearful eyes implored him to help her through her madness.

He made the resolve to rescue her from her turmoil vowing to set things right and picking up as many extra hours as possible. Driving toward downtown New Bolden he appreciated his father’s connections. Though a career as an artists would yield minor dividends a career as an exclusive interior decorator could turn out to be most profitable. His father always knew the most economical decision to make. Though he never did spend much time asking what his children were interested in. Eric Jamison was not one for fostering their dreams but took special care to nurture their potential, especially if they could make money at it. So when Evan decided on that career path, he made a phone call to the HR rep for the Bridgeman and Long Architectural Firm and schmoozed his son’s way into a paid internship. Luckily for him, he was very good at the job.

Family Secrets: Jamison Family



What you are about to read is  a collection of tales about the resident’s in the seemingly peaceful town of New Bolden, USA. This town like many others has a rich history built upon life changing moments that define it as a shining city of prominence and influence. The town’s residents are some of the hard working elite as well as some of the harder working middle – class. The nature of the town itself is much less important than the nature of it’s residents which you will see shortly have much insight to offer on the inner workings of their city. Though a beacon of hope for some, others in the lush suburban city will tell you that appearances may be deceiving. Each of the town’s members has a secret a dark shadow that could threaten the livelihoods by all affected. What would it be like to be a fly on the wall in another’s home, what secrets does your family hold? Join us now for an evening in the lives of another family, and watch as their secrets unfold.

Tonight we will be joining the Jamison family for a celebratory dinner. Parents Regina and Eric are pleased to be sending eldest son Evan to Coulter University, a local but prestigious university just outside of town. An event which took weeks to plan even enlisted the help of the youngest child Ivy. Though on the outside the Jamison’s appear to be content moving seamlessly around each other’s lives never once really aware of the chaos boiling beneath the surface. Each dinner guests this evening is another weight added to the heavy cloud of conspiracy looming in the home.