Blu Moon Fiction Exclusive: Philadelphia Is Dying!


Zombies will overrun Philadelphia by 2018, or at least that’s the setup for Philadelphia Is Dying the new zombie apocalypse short by upcoming director Teddy X. Starring local stars such as, Gobanna Pleasant and Ainyae “Mz. CreYaetiv” Stratton as the lead character, this short film offers a new spin on the end of the world.


For Writer’s – Releasing Your Inner Muse

I am proud to admit it. I enjoy a good Ted Talk. Specifically the ones the writers on writing but I enjoy them nonetheless. I am newly converted but there seems to be a video on everything.

I came across a heading, “Your Elusive Creative Genius”  This particular video featured author, Elizabeth Gilbert who penned the critically acclaimed Eat.Pray.Love.

This discussion, insight into the pressures she experienced afterwards. Gilbert offers a  light hearted look at the impossible requirements we place on artists and geniuses.

Suggesting that these individuals instead of being the source of the magic and wonder we admire are merely conduits for the divine that we see and experience through their work. Gilbert paints an alternative view to the doomed and destructive artist. wp-image-1863437916

Referencing ancient civilizations and cultures that believed a divine spirit, (daemons, genius, muses, etc) charged with assisting with the creation of work.

The muse was a way to remove individuals from the true beauty of the work, therefore successes or failures were a joint partnership between artist and the divine.

A brilliant idea, I’ve always believed in muses and believe that my gifts are indeed a gift from the divine.

The video is deep. You should give it a watch!

Weekly Wanna Watch List


As a DC fan i have to say I’m a little excited about this. Much like what The Avengers did for Marvel; Justice League should solidify the franchise and spawn a truckload of sequels. Super excited,  I’m disappointed Superman won’t be featured though.


The Thor movies always come out around my bday. So of course I’ll be spending this one at the theatre watching!


As a fan of the manga and the anime, I’m excited to see a movie about the series. Looking forward to see how this plays out.


I have a weird fascination with serial killers. The fact that there is a movie coming out about Dahmer as a teenager is intriguing.

The X-Men: Gifted

Saw a commercial for a new show called, “The Gifted”  apparently it’s  Marvels second attempt at a tv show to expand the X-Men franchise. So far the only actor i recognize is Coby Bell, Jason Pitts from “The Game” which makes me want to watch.  The show follows what happens when two “ordinary” parents take their family on the run from the government when they discover that their children have mutant abilities, and join an underground community of mutants who have to fight to survive. Maybe i’ll add this to my fall program schedule, “The Gifted” airs on Fox on October 2, 2017.

Deadpool 2 – Extended trailer


So as you all know i’m a comic book novice but i absolutely love my super hero movies! Deadpool being one of my many, many favorites I am hyperventilating over the upcoming sequel. Josh Brolin has been teasing pics of him in “Cable” costume and we’ve been fortunate enough to get trailers and photos on the regular. So while we wait for Summer 2018 here’s one of my favorite extended trailers.

AAMBC Awards!!!!


So far my life as a blogger has been pretty uneventful. It doesn’t pay well right now so I never get to really GO anywhere. My cousin recently wrote a book, I have yet to read and therefore nothing to review but she’s been traveling to promote it and I was puzzled at how she was finding out all of these events were taking place when I hadn’t even realized they’d existed.  Biting the bullet I swallowed my pride and asked her,

“How are you finding out about all of these things?”

To my surprise she answered with Instagram, and of course it was something so brazenly simple as that. A social media site previously reserved only for my hideous selfies was going to be the vehicle to drive me to my golden ticket. But i’m a writer, and Instagram is for Photos right?

Surprisingly there are tons of apps which allow you to post text in photo format. The app I use for example is Textgram  but there are loads.

God Don't Like UglyI began posting pictures of my writing and of books that I enjoyed my own personal library of novels. There is an entire world of people like me, bookish, fantasy nerds drooling over the next 5 book series. I’ve never been more tickled. So i’m sure this is the part where you ask,

“Hey Noel, didn’t you mention something about an awards ceremony and an Acronym??”


Yes I did….


In following that very simple peace of advice I posted a photo of one of my FAVORITE BOOKS EVER!!!! Its a series actually apparently one I am 2 books shy of completing. The God Don’t Luck Ugly series was one of the very first books I read as an adolescent and the story has stuck with me through adulthood. Without giving too much of the story line away because you definitely SHOULD read it! It follows the trials and struggles of Annette Goode and consequently as a result the life and journey of her best friend Rhoda. The two go through a lot together but always seem to weather the storm. My praises for the book on Instagram of course got me invited to the above mentioned ceremony and what an amazing weekend it will be.Mary Monroe

The African Americans on the Move Book Club was created in February 2008, by Tameka Newhouse; the annual AAMBC Literary Awards was later launched in 2009.  Initially the ceremony was to provide exposure for unknown writers offering acclaim through one of many awards. It has since evolved into a weekend of fellowship for writer’s in each phase of their careers from reading enthusiasts to full fledged Celebrity panels. This year Mary Monroe author of the God Don’t Like Ugly  is being honored which is the primary reason for me going. Omar-Tyree But also in support of fellow philly writer Omar Tyree author of the Flyy Girl series and my own personal favorite the book Diary of a Groupie. It’ll also be pretty amazing to hang out with other writer’s and hopefully I’ll even be able to find a few who write fantasy like I do.

The 2016 AAMBC awards  will be hosted in Atlanta, Ga this year. A great excuse for me to hang out with some family.  If you have yet to buy tickets click here ! They may or may not be sold out

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All That Reunion Coming This April

All That Reunion

It seems the days of reunion shows actually being a reunion of full cast, and a new storyline are over. All That!  will be airing a reunion special on Nickelodeon’s “The Splat” but the show won’t be a happy blend of old faces and new sketches.

The show will be a montage of old footage we’d seen in the 90s. Returning cast; Danny Tamberelli, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Severn and Keenan Thompson will have squishy spots on a All That Reunion2couch while discussing all the fun they had when the show first aired.  Sad considering Keenan’s current job is on SNL.

Amanda Bynes was not invited to do the reunion show and reports that she’s too busy focusing on fashion to attend either way.

The series ran from 1994 – 2005 and spawned spin-off shows such as The Amanda Show, Keenan and Kel and The Nick Cannon Show. Reruns of the show can even be found on one of Nick’s many teen targeted channels.

The All That! Reunion Special will be airing on Nickelodeon April 22, 2016