Wonderland Legacy – The Circles of Life 2.3

08-15-15_5-50 PM

Life in the Hollister household, mimicked life elsewhere in Willow Creek. The neighborhood had grown in size. New faces were renting out houses formerly owned by Wonderchild parents. Some of the couples participating in the program had dropped out a few years in. The  people in the lab coats hardly ever stopped by anymore.

Tamar was able to sell an app and buy the house they rented from SimsCorp. The renovations took a few years but when they were done it 08-15-15_6-44 PM-9looked like a gorgeous 3 bedroom house had always been there.

The children also were growing, Mason had taken an interest in sports. Spending every waking moment at the gym or jogging. He didn’t have to work. Instead his focus was grades and being a teenager.

Tamara found the creative bug her mother had. She  as often found locked in her room coloring or 08-15-15_6-44 PM-2practicing the violin. Her stuffed animals would have tea parties with her and she would spend hours talking to her mother in the garden.

Tamar had retired after he sold the app and enjoyed the time he had to be home with his children. There is something sobering about knowing when your time is up. Each year his children grew marked another year of borrowed time.

08-15-15_5-51 PM-3It happened suddenly, late in the night without a sound. Tamar passed on leaving his wife of 18 years a widower raising a growing boy and an impressionable young woman. It left her devastated. Each of the Hollister clan grieved differently. Mason shed almost no tears, his younger sister, completely heartbroken.

With Tamar no longer in the home, 08-15-15_5-51 PM-2Mason had to take on responsibilities as man of the house. Tamara would continue to have a normal childhood. Naomi slipped into a deep depression, she moped around the house for days. She never fully recovered from his passing. As old age set in, the loss of her one true love had taken its toll on her.

Mason found he’d have to care for young Tamara. Until Naomi dealt with her grief the two were on their own.

08-15-15_5-41 PM-2

Wonderland Legacy – Births and Birthdays 2.2

05-26-15_9-55 PMNaomi was in her third trimester. Months ago when she and Tamar were celebrating their new beginnings they were creating a new life. The fertility treatments provided by SimsCorp at the beginning of the Wonderchild trials was so potent that several years later and at 45 no less she was carrying her second child.

It was to be a girl. Mason was a rambunctious tyke climbing on things and swinging from high places, Naomi hoped the little girl would be interested in quiet activities like coloring and reading. It was Tamar’s birthday he would be turning 50.

The couple would look back on the day fondly, Naomi worked quietly in the kitchen. She’d been stirring cake batter when she felt the familiar tug, the rush of liquid seeped through her linen pants. 05-26-15_10-00 PM-2This time they’d been prepared. Tamar was in the car before she even felt her second contraction.

Tamara Hollister was born on her father’s birthday. As he aged into an elder, she started her life as the youngest child and the newest edition of their little clan.

Naomi and Tamar were pleased with themselves. They’d managed to have two lovely children. The scientist at SimsCorp were happy to hear of a second child so long as Mason remained the primary focus. He’d be a teenager soon, the formidable years were approaching.

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Wonderland Legacy – Mason the Early Years 2.1

05-23-15_11-06 AM-2


Mason’s first few years were a breeze. Naomi’s decision to stay home allowed her to dote on the child. When he was sleeping she would garden and work on a few recipes. She’d started to take an interest 05-17-15_6-25 PM-3in cooking, more than she had before. She had agreed to stay home with Mason but maybe she’d find a career in cooking once he started school.

Tamar had loss interest in his tech career. There were only so many video games you could play before your eyes bled. He found peace  in his home and his son. The two bonded before Mason was even old enough to speak.

The years had flown by and soon it was Mason’s birthday. Giving birth to the wonderchild was one thing, but raising him had been another. Each birthday needed to be special.05-23-15_10-44 AM He was officially of school age and would be leaving the house the following Monday to attend Willow Creek Elementary.

Naomi felt a strange tug in her chest. She’d been hosuebound for the past few years, caring for Mason assuring he was well prepared for success. She was excited for the possibilities of the future. She would start searching for cooking jobs, something part time.

05-23-15_10-23 AMTamar’s response to Naomi working was a mixture of excitement and praise. He was happy she’d found something else to look forward to since Mason would be leaving school. He too was having second thoughts about his job, he wanted to write. It seemed easy enough and he could do it from home.

They had an agreement. Naomi would start her job search on Monday after Mason left for school and Tamar who had secretly quit his Tech job last week, would start his new job at Walrus books later that week. They threw Mason a birthday party!


05-23-15_11-12 AM-3

Wonderland Legacy – Fertility Trials and a Wonder Child is Born 1.3

05-17-15_1-33 PMTwo months into the experiment, newlyweds Tamar and Naomi Hollister are woo-hooing as scheduled. They’d been locked in the bedroom more in the past two months than either had in their entire lives. If they were successful a new life would begin.

All the effort paid off and Naomi happily informed Tamar that she was finally pregnant. They had 05-17-15_1-56 PMsucceeded in the first part of the project. Tamar feeling nervous thought he’d read up on a few baby books. Naomi decided to relax and take things easy. Neighbor Vivian from across the street would come and sit with her some days, just to keep her company.

Naomi was beginning to will the baby out of her. With each days passing her body grew more swollen and more foreign. Until one bright morning, Naomi felt a tug and some moisture on her sheets.

Tamar had worked late and was resting, the immediate series of jabs to her spinal cord sent Naomi flying from the bed. 05-17-15_2-42 PMIt was as if her body was being torn in two. She screamed for Tamar who’d proven he could sleep through the apocalypse. He remained unmoved. 05-17-15_5-28 PM-2

Tamar awoke to Naomi shrieking in pain, he immediately jumped from the bed threw on his clothing and rushed to the hospital. His nerves were shot, her screams of agony terrified him. What had they truly done?

Naomi begged Tamar to stay for the delivery, he objected but couldn’t help but cave. His pregnant wife of 2 months was giving birth to their first child. The reason for them being together. The wonder child. The process in which a child is delivered was more complex then he had originally imagined. 05-17-15_5-55 PM The books he read mentioned nothing about strapping the woman in an iron lung and whipping her in the side with a giant whisk. The canola oil, the machine squirted every few moments, was allegedly to assist in lubricating the birth canal.

05-17-15_6-01 PM-2

After several long hours, mostly spent crammed in a corner terrified of seeing something scarring. Tamar inched closer to meet his son, Mason. Naomi decided it would be fitting that the newest Hollister have a piece of her as well.  05-17-15_6-01 PM-5They’d successfully brought a wonder child into the world.  Now all they had to do was raise him!

Wonderland Legacy – Love At First Sight 1.2

05-05-15_11-17 PMNaomi and Tamar bonded over their loneliness, he too had wanted a family for a long time. He was in search of true love, though in Willow Creek, his home time the sim with money was the sim to be wed. He was a comedian, who spent his down time reading and taking things apart.

Naomi laughed at his candor, she felt like she could really be herself with him.

The weeks went by and Naomi found herself falling for Tamar. One evening out on the town the two shared their first kiss. It’d had been a month since they’d moved in. They had all the time in 05-05-15_11-14 PMthe world to know each other better after the treatments started.

Tamara and Naomi decided to take on traditional roles. If they were lucky enough to succeed and since one parent had to stay home, Naomi would be homemaker and Tamar would find a job.  His career as a comedian wasn’t enough to put food in their mouths and the $500 monthly stipends for participating in the program were just enough to pay their bills.

Naomi took to her role as homemaker like a pro. All she’d ever dreamed of was being a wife and a mother, traits her earlier lovers found overwhelming, but Tamar loved the idea of coming home to someone eager to see him.

05-06-15_9-57 PM-2She spent her free time in the garden and came to really enjoy the time spent caring for her flowers.

Tamar decided he would take his love of video games to the next level and become a Tech Guru. At this he excelled, getting a promotion his first few days on the job, the added money was more than he imagined and he decided the best way to spend it would be on an engagement ring!05-17-15_1-20 PM

Newly engaged and with less than a week before the fertility trials. Naomi and Tamar tied the knot alone in the kitchen of the Lab House. Marriage was not mandatory for the experiments to continue but the powers that be were pleased, the two had truly committed to the program.

With that last formality out-of-the-way, they were ready to try for the wonder baby.


Wonderland Legacy – New Home, New House Mate 1.1

Naomi Mason was 30, single and living in a one bedroom apartment alone. Not even the stray cats on the neighborhood wanted her love. Desperately hearing her maternal clock ticking, she’d considered freezing some eggs so that she would still have a chance. It was by fate she found the Help Wanted ad in the paper.

SimsCorp is willing to pay handsomely for participants ages 30 or older, who are single but would like children. All inquiries should be made03-16-16_6-41-46 PM to SimsCorp directly at the address found at the bottom of this article.

Naomi was single, 30 or more and wanted children. She knew she had to call.

The receptionist wasn’t very pleasant. She barely made eye contact while Naomi waited to be called. A thin man with coal-black hair and wire rimmed glasses came out and called her name and sherescued her from the flat silence.

“Ms. Mason, you would be perfect for this program and we could have you moved in this afternoon if you wouldn’t mind signing this waiver.”

Naomi immediately scrolled her name on the bottom and stood to take her leave.

“Here are the house keys, of one of our lab facilities, you guys are project A, your partner and lab mate should already be at the residence. You should get acquainted, we’ll be doing the fertility treatments in a few months.”

Naomi nodded absent-mindedly, she was just so happy  to be accepted in the program.  In such a pleasant mood, the bus ride to her apartment was brief. She was shocked to see that a moving van had already arrived and that lab techs were labeling boxes of her things.

It had been part of her agreement, she would vacate her current residence and move into the Lab house. Where under supervision she and her lab mate would start the experiments. It all happened in the blink of an eye.

She arrived at the Lab house after a brief drive out of the county. The one bedroom flat, had a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a sitting area. There was a final room with a desk which the doctors would use for home visits.

Her lab mate a 35-year-old man with multiple tattoos, had already arrived. He was a free spirit always looking for himself. His name was Tamar he wanted children but hadn’t found time to meet someone who shared his interests. This program seemed like an interesting way to meet the future mother of his child. It seemed like a sweet deal.

The fertility treatments would start in two months. Naomi was excited but wondered secretly how she would raise a child with a stranger…

The Wonderland Legacy – Intro

Naomi and Tamar Hollister

This legacy started out as my attempt at actually completing a Sims challenge from the many found on the database. The original plan was to play the Wonder Child Challenge. You create two adult age sims and make them procreate. The child first child born to them is the “Wonder Child” one parent must stay home while the other works. Their lives revolve completely around the well-being and success of this child.

I come from a pretty traditional home, that was my upbringing anyway so half way through the game I got bored, made them have another child and watched as the story progressed with a Wonder Child and a normal sibling.

I found myself falling in love with the family and really willing them to succeed. The children are running the board now but in keeping with the theme of my original purpose I made the Wonderchild the primary while his sister has become a side game.

Here is the tale of Naomi Morris and Tamar Hollister two participants in the Wonder Child experiments who found love and created a legacy.

Socialite Challenge:Chapter One – New Comer

Ivy Covington

The life of an heiress, Ivy Covington finds herself sleeping in after a long night of partying at a local bar.  She’s met lots of people but has yet to actually begin her journey to socialite stardom. When she does get up she’ll be getting the book for  “How To Be A Successful Socialite”.02-27-16_10-15-47 PM

After a quick breakfast and some light cleaning, Ivy sat down and cracked open the book. It was about the size of a magazine and rambled about social climbing and success. The book was a bit out of her depth and instead, Ivy grew tense and worried.

She’d made some new friends but her place in their lives were temporary. A good socialite was articulate and poised. Finishing the menacing How To book, she decided to practice on her speech. Making progress with her diction but still stressed from the horrible reading experience, Ivy went outside to do some yoga.

The time she spent in the yard gave her a chance to clear her head. Ivy enjoyed yoga so much that she wished she could work make it her career. 03-01-16_8-57-18 PMUnfortunately there was no real way to do that, she needed to figure out how to make some money to support her lavish lifestyle.

Paola McCann invited her to a dance party at the Van Haunt estate. Walking into the party gave Ivy a confident feeling. She and Paola became friends that evening and she was introduced to Noel Bleu an aspiring novelist and Jade Rosa a member of another local group who loved to party.  Ivy left the party early, but woke up the next day to a text from Mila inviting her and other new members to the Shrieking Llama for a “gathering”. Ivy accepted and finally made it into the clubhouse of the “Good Timers”

A few rousing games later and she was ready to head home.

Ivy is ambitious sim and her unemployment status was beginning to bum her out. As an heiress she has nor real skills, wellness isn’t useful for any jobs and though she is charismatic, not enough to talk her way into a salary position. Ivy is infatuated with the spotlight, entertainers get to spend their days meeting new people.

She had no real skill in anything but getting into the entertainment field was surprisingly easy. Anyone with enough money now a days could do it and she had loads of it.

Sims 4 Socialite Challenge!! Phase Three

Phase Three: Well Known Sim

This is the final stretch for the Socialite Challenge. Your sim should have enough friends and influence to take over any club he/she wants which is great, because that’s exactly what you now need to do.

Sim About Town

Part One – Celebutante: Your objective is to max out your skills and host some great parties in the process

  • Reach Charisma Level 10 (50pts)
  • Upload Viral Video (25pts)
  • Host A Gathering, Earn 500 perk pts. (25 pts)
  • Host a House Party – Achieve Gold Medal (50pts)

Part Two – Someone To Meet

  • Club Handshake Using Perks (25pts)
  • Have 15 Friends (50pts)
  • Club Vibe Using Perks (50pts)
  • Host Black and White Party – Gold Medal (50pts)
  • Have 50 acquaintances (20pts)

Part Three – Top Of The Heap

  • Reach Level 10 Career (50pts)
  • Negotiate a raise  (25pts)
  • Host a Gold Level Party (75pts)
  • Take over the Club you’re in (100pts)

Phase Three Total Points = 595

Bonus Round (Optional)

Form Your Own Club

Now that you’re the Queen/King Bee, you can do what you want. In true socialite fashion, you must move on to the next big thing and that of course will be whatever you decide. Form you’re own club and make it the best. This bonus round is complete when you’ve (traditionally) achieved enough club perks to unlock and update

  • Club Outfit
  • Club Vibe
  • Club Skill Boost
  • Club Handshake
  • Club Status
  • Club Size
  • Club Management
  • Club House

The clubhouse you design should have everything your members need to earn you perks during gatherings.


Let me know what you’ve thought of the challenge in the comments below.

Click Here for Objective and Game Play

Click Here for Phase One

Click Here for Phase Two


#GamesWeLove – Don’t Starve

 Don't Starve 2


My coworker asked me, “Are you playing the Don’t Starve game too?”

I work with mostly women so that usually means someone has gone on a new trendy diet. “No thank you I brought lunch,” I answered.

She’d actually been referring to a new game that Emmy, my gamer version of Yoda had discovered called “Don’t Starve”

It happened to be sweeping through the office for those of us who enjoy video games.

Don't Starve 1I’ll give you the real description in a moment but picture this, you awaken in the wilderness next to a creepy stranger who’s only words in enlightenment happen to be “Don’t Starve” he walks away abandoning you.

So what do you do?

You walk of course…

Overall gameplay is old school click, in the direction you want him to walk, interact with objects the and obviously don’t starve. You forage and hunt and build and find a way to make it in this strange new world alone without losing your mind.

Literally! There are shadows in the game that will kill you because you’ve lost your mind. (Be Cool. You can always pick flowers, burn them as fuel and heal your sanity).

And now for what the creators over at Klei…

“Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic.

You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.

Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style. Play your way as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land.”

Check out the trailer below and see if it’s for you. Let me know what you think in the comments below ❤ !

More Info:

To Find Out More About “Don’t Starve” Click Here

For more wilderness fun with friends try “Dont Starve Together”

Klei is an Independent game studio located in Vancouver, Canada.