#RHON – Meet The Housewives

Real Housewives of Newcrest Season One Cast

Welcome to Newcrest! City of the social elite, where the men work hard and the women play dirty. Here your name can get you far and without a good standing, you might as well be invisible. The five founding families have all just “moved back” and of course there’s some tea to be sipped!


Sasha Whitman “The OG Housewife”

Sasha Whitfield 1

Sasha Whitman “The OG Housewife” has been managing the lives of her Investor husband and three lively kids. She also happens to be a skilled painter,  you may own some of her work.

Kerri Wilkes “The Best -Selling Housewife”

Kerri Wilkes 5

Kerri Wilkes “The Best -Selling Housewife” is balancing book deals, bake sales and diapers all while keeping her entrepeneurial husband from blowing their money.

Maia Hendricks “The Cookie – Cutter Housewife”

Maia Hendricks 7

Maia Hendricks “The Cookie – Cutter Housewife” has managed to run a successful catering business while keeping the focus on her comedic husband and teenage twin daughters. With the twins moving on to college soon and Travis thinking of retirement it may be Maia’s time to step into the spotlight.


Cheyenne Morris “The Gold – Digging Housewife”

Cheyenne Morris 6

Cheyenne Morris “The Gold – Digging Housewife” has finally managed to land her knight in shining armor. From being a bartender to living in a mansion amongst the social elite. All this housewife wants to do is party! The only thing getting in her way, is her new hubbie’s eagerness to start a family and her sudden aversion to fish tacos…

Blaine Mathis “The Blended Busy Housewife”

Blaine Mathis 8

Blaine Mathis “The Blended Busy Housewife” never signed on for celebrity or fame, she likes the quiet life in her garden and running after new baby Denver. Marrying athlete DeMario Mathis and taking on his teenage son wasn’t part of the deal. But she’s up to the challenge!

Sims 4 Real Housewives of NewCrest!

Sims 4 logo 1

OMG Noel where have you been hiding?

Me: I haven’t been hiding, I’ve been playing Sims 4.

Ladies and Gents, thank you so patiently for bearing with me, I promised reviews, book hauls and more… and then I decided that Grad school may be a good idea; then winter came. I DESPISE winter!

As soon as temperatures drop below the comfortable sweater weather of 75 degrees, yours truly starts storing stuff for winter and deciding on which flannel looks best with a blue wig! In one last attempt at being productive, I decided the combined passion of the Sims 4 plus writing could keep me motivated enough to keep the blog going and excuse the copious amounts of time i’d be spending on this video game.

Along Came Reality TV…

Quick Tidbit: Reality TV is my guilty pleasure and I binge-watch it hardcore.

After catching up on my faves, I discovered this post by IIOMQILOVESIMS a profile on the Sims 4 community forum, they found it from somewhere else. You can check out the original post here.  I’ve never been able to keep up with a Sims 4 challenge. While playing I kept forgetting to gets pics and video and when I do remember I forget to post. It gets a bit daunting.  Here’s one more shot, and you all can keep me honest as I try my hand at…


The Real Housewives of Newcrest Challenge!!!

This challenge aims to get all your housewives to know each other, maintain a high relationship, while creating drama!

Rules of Game Play!

Create – A – Sim:

Each household has to be an original creation by you. The specifics are for you to choose from but they must all be at least YA or above.  You can make 5-8 women for this challenge but group only allow up to 8 members. So only those in the group are a part of your “cast”.

Unlike reality TV, each housewife has to have a husband, his specifics also up to you. However, the husbands have to be a bit muscular. (Not sure why but let’s go with it.) They can be really muscular or a little muscular.

Finally, your housewives should have children! They can have as many children as you want, if you think you can handle it. Create their children the old fashioned way with “Try For Baby” or by using the “Play With Genetics” tab in CAS. They can have whatever aspirations and traits you want.

Make sure the housewives and their families are in different households.


If you watch “The Real Housewives of….” Anything you’ll be quite familiar with the most extravagant houses known to man. For this challenge give us the most extravagant houses known to Newcrest, (Shouldn’t be hard it’s completely blank)  They MUST live in Newcrest. Put your housewives in the larger lots. You can build your own house or get one from the gallery.

*Don’t forget to make your sims super rich! #Motherlode


Using the gallery or your own building skills, create a few “landmarks”, for example, a lounge, club, pool etc. Build a “Housewives Club” with any lot type you want, like a lounge, club, bar etc. Make as many social places as you want to fill up your town. The housewives can travel the other towns freely, but Make sure all your housewives are in Newcrest, not the other towns that are in your game.


  1. Choose a housewife that you want be your head housewife. Choose wisely, as this is your choice for the whole gameplay. This housewife has to be known to the other housewives in your game.
  2. To maintain the house they can do the housework themselves,  with the help of their kids and spouse or get a maid to do it.
  3. Everyday your housewife MUST do some sort of physical activity such as the gym, jog or running etc. This can keep your housewife fit and make sure they do not become overweight.
  4. Your housewife can enjoy the luxuries of being a housewife by relaxing by the pool, going to the shops and other things.
  5. Housewives children can date the other housewives children.
  6. Housewives must follow the weekly “Schedule” of activities.



Housewife Meeting: On Mondays we brunch! Have this  hangout at any public lot that serves food. Get your housewives to sit down, eat, and create some drama! Don’t forget to catch it on camera and hit record.


Housewife meeting: Today’s meeting is at a bar or lounge. Again get them sucy and see what happens.


Housewife Club Day: Today’s meeting is at the “Housewives Club”. Make sure your housewives club has a dining table, bar, kitchen (make sure your housewives don’t manage to get in the kitchen) and a lounge. Like the other days, sit, eat and socialize!


Gym Day: This is the final housewife meeting for the week. Today, have your ladies hit the gym, they can use the work out machines, do yoga or hit the sauna but they must work out Be sure they socialize and see what happens.


Dinner Party: Each Friday a new housewife hosts a dinner party. Everyone is invited, including the housewives, husbands and children. This night will cause the most drama. Like, housewives are sleeping with each others husbands, kids are trashing the house and the housewives.. are just being housewives. Each sim week, a different housewife has to host the dinner party.This social event also has the opportunity for the housewives to meet other housewives husbands, children and gossip.


“Work” Day: Today, your housewives do some chores, such as shopping, cleaning the house etc. I gave each of my housewives a hobby they could make money at from home, writing, baking, programming, painting crafting. Today have your sims work on that. The kids and hubby will have to “fend for themselves” let the kids enjoy the weekend with friends or by exploring their surroundings.


Bonding Day: On this last day of the week, the housewives, husbands and children are spending some time today. There will be no external housewife interaction, however, if they call, decline the call.  Like a real family take them out as a group. In the night, gather all your family together to socialize, like talking watching a movie together or playing a board game.

All the days should be repeated, but if you would like to make some tweaks, go ahead.

Generations optional