#ShowsWeLove: Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Episode 16 – Our Decay A.K.A. Cora Pt. 2

OUAT 5X16 - Regina and Robin


Zelena a.k.a. The Wicked Witch of the West’s character is a notable one. First-born of Cora, a miller’s daughter, a.k.a. Queen of Hearts. Abandoned, so her mother could grab the crown she so desperately craved, she’s resents Regina for being the one Cora kept. So eager to surpass her sister, Zelena has managed to repeat her mother’s mistakes.

Tonight’s episode takes us back to OZ for a glimpse of the puzzling romance of Zelena and Hades startign with the spell that’d bring them together. Zelena, still ruling in OZ had plans to create a time spell that would send her back to before Cora abandoned her.

OUAT 5X16 Hades-She’d need a brain and having kidnapped the scarecrow she nearly succeeded in stealing his. Until Dorothy, who returned to Oz per the request of the Munchkins, came in to stop her. With the help of TOTO they escape leaving Zelena furious.

She immediately rushes to Munchkinland demanding answers, what she gets instead is attention from the Underworld’s Lord and Master. Hades spins a tail of treachery, that Zeus somehow tricked him into being stuck in the Underworld with a frozen heart and that only true love’s kiss will start his heart again. He means to use her time spell to go back and change his fate. The two bond over their vengeance and sibling rivalry.

He offers to help her by leading her to Dorothy, in turn she will help him with a spell of his own. Zelena tracks down Dorothy and manages to get the Scarecrows brain. Returning to her lair, Hades reveals that he is now in love with her. When she spurns him he vows she’ll regret it. OUAT 5X16  - Zelena

Rushing to the present day Underworld we see that Rumple is being forced to create a portal to bring living beings there. Rumple succeeds in doing so just as Zelena posing as the Blue Fairy comes to steal Baby Hood from Belle. Her plans when the real Blue Fairy appears but most importantly when the portal opens she and Belle and Baby Hood are sucked through it. Zelena injured and magicless is bested by Belle who runs to find help.

She finds Rumple who reveals, he’s still the Dark One; she’s pregnant, and that the baby will belongs to Hades.  Demanding he fix things, Belle takes the baby  and continues to look for help.  Zelena limps her way to Regina and Robin asking for help. Eventually tracking Belle down, as we suspected Zelena tries stealing her away.  Helpless to stop a crying baby without magic, Zelena decides the safest place for the child is with Robin and Regina.

Zelena goes off to find Hades, but as the two square off he confesses that this was all a ploy to show his love for her. Claiming to have tried to smuggle the baby away for her he begs to prove his love. Tearfully she declines this time leaving to go get her daughter back.

Let the games begin, the underworld just got more hectic. Next week Rumple faces off against Gaston….OMG!

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